Sunday, 23 December 2012

DPP * Day Twenty - Three ~ Birthdaying

Pip turned four today, it only seems like yesterday that I was rousing my lovely midwife from slumber to tell her she needed to be on her way!  She had an hour's drive and boy was I glad when she let herself in the front door!

We seem to have developed a strong birthday tradition with Pip and we always celebrate around the time of her birth, 8:30am with a cooked breakfast followed by cake and tea:

Birthday ring lit with the extra addition of the mistletoe fairy.
Mesmerised by the candles.
Opening presents and reading cards.
Loving a handmade gift from mummy ...
... purple polka dot trousers.
Wishing for you dear Pip, a fab year full of fun.


  1. happy birthday to you both :) what a beautiful morning you created. pip looks so sweet and thoughtful. the pants are beautiful. and we have the same black cat for our birthday ring!

  2. Happy Birthday, sending love. xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to a "big" girl! Now you are Flora's age. Are the pants really purple? On my screen they look grey. They look lovely, no matter what color. Best wishes to you!


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