Monday, 3 December 2012

DPP * Day Three ~ Christmas Displays and Remembering

Benedict was all smiles this morning when he had finally completed level four of Dynamo Maths!  He now moves onto "Multiskills Maths" and we've been given a week's free trial before we make a payment for a  year's subscription.

Our Monday routine has changed slightly and we've split our learning into two distinct parts.  This means that we are able to eat an early lunch and attend lunch time mass here.  Pip enjoyed helping Dave with lunch prep:

"Look mum I've made these ... oh know, not that thing again!"

  After mass we visited this place and Pip had great fun pressing the buttons on the interactive Christmas books:

Cheeky Monkey!

 Using the Christmas displays as a backdrop we were able to take a December photo for our yearly calendar for family and friends.  It was an interesting experience and I was reminded of the old adage: "Never work with animals or CHILDREN!!!"  Still out of the twenty or so quick fire shots, Dave managed to capture some good images, whilst I was on the sidelines encouraging them to smile!

" Pip, you need to stand next to Benedict, who is looking very aloof!"

"Show Nanna and Grandad the teddy and yes, there's almost a smile from Mr B!"
At last! smiles all round and a well deserved cup of tea for everyone!
Festive treats, I love the gingerbread men.
Our Christmas tree which will be delivered a few days before the big day.
I also managed to buy a lovely potted display for a special friend:
"Dear friend, you are gone but not forgotten... eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and may your perpetual light shine upon her, Amen."


  1. Lovely pictures, Pip is wearing a skirt!

  2. What a beautiful church! Picture taking and children is complicated, I have to admit. We will have to have our picture taken in about a week to match my parents' family portrait they took a weeks ago in Germany. They do a family picture every five years, last time we were in Germany for that. This time we will have our picture taken here and the photographer in Germany will add us to the other 20 people (my parents and my siblings plus spouses and children). I hope it will work out.

    1. What a lovely idea, thankgoodness for photoshop/lightroom editing software!

  3. hello san, the cathedral looks magnificent! how nice to have mass there. your christmas tree and potted plant for your friend are very pretty too.

    the garden center looks like fun. i bet pip enjoyed it :) i remember enjoying similar visits to garden stores and fabric stores as a child.

    happy advent time! i love the smiles on pip and benedict for the card.

  4. Looks like a lovely afternoon out San, what a lot of goodies in that shop, I would have been very tempted! xx

  5. What lovely pictures of Pip and B :o). Looks like you had a great day out.


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