Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tuesday Tea

My last quiet sit by the tree with a Christmas mug to hand.

  I'm  attempting to join Dawn over at "Sun and Candlelight" for an end of the day ponder each Tuesday through winter... something to raise one's spirits in these seemingly endless grey and windy days.  My tea is nothing fancy but it is fairly traded and so I can sup with a clear conscience!


  1. Now that looks cozy and nice :) We usually get grey days around Christmas, but today it was bright and very cold.

  2. Our tree is down now, we still have a few lights and greenery, I'll miss them, but it will be nice to have my house 'back' as it were. if I remember rightly Tuesday was a cold and bright day for us. Hope you are all managing alright in the wind. Lorna x


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