Thursday, 5 January 2012

Duvet Days and Sun Seeking

Benedict has been poorly these past few days, nothing terrible just a mild cold with an accompanying nagging headache.   Constant late nights due to anxieties surrounding the diabetes has weakened his ability to fight infection and  much needed rest has been the order of the day.  Thankfully there have been no hassles with the diabetes and as usual his blood sugars are always good when he's poorly... what a trade off eh?!

 Reading Peter's Railway a lovely book written by Chris Vine an engineer and now accomplished children's author.  Benedict always has one of his books either at Christmas or Birthday.

We actually had blue skies and sunshine early on in this afternoon and so pleased was I, that I attempted to capture the rays as they darted around the house:

 In the corner by the computer.

At the top of the stairs.

On the top landing looking down.

That sunshine certainly did cheer and was just the tonic to the two weeks of constant greyness.

On the first of January I made myself a small list of things I hoped to manage throughout the forthcoming year.  This was largely due to a prompt from a fellow blogging friend in Norfolk, you can find her here:

My list for the year goes something like this:

 Attempting to keep myself in check especially when faced with the constant daily stresses, you see when the stress levels increase my language deteriorates... nothing totally vile, but still not terribly lady like neither!

Setting good bedtime habits for myself and the children.  Pip's rhythm is set but mine as a result of Benedict's needs is all over the place.  The only way I can reduce his anxiety levels is to be upstairs with him in the evening, so we have house shut down at 8pm.  After baths and supper I play a short game with B followed by two chapters of one of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books followed by lights out and prayers.  I then get into bed and read/knit, it's early days but so far looking good.

Regular sewing time.  My poor machine has been sadly neglected these past months, but not anymore!  I'm blessed with a very dear friend who is also qualified as a childminder and instead of sending Pip to nursery, she visits Debs on a Tuesday and a Wednesday for part of the day.  This enables me to keep up with home school for Benedict as well as having a few hours free for sewing time in the loft, yippee!!

All set and ready to go.

In addition to altering a pair of cords that had lain around for three months, I also made a start on a bag holder for the kitchen.  Simple and straightforward work but what a joy to be in my zone in the house.

Well that's us these past days gotta go it's now bedtime.

San x


  1. Oh San! I feel honoured :)

    You have raised a beaming smile from me when I was least feeling like it, caring for one, and trying to prevent myself from getting upset about the fact that the other just cannot settle at bedtime, up and down, in and out constantly - it's getting to be a bit wearing... it's 9pm now and she's still wandering about...

    Thank you Lorna xx

  2. hello san, good luck with all your intentions. i think they sound wonderful and very do-able! i'm glad the sun made an appearance. i wish all of you good health and sunshine :)

  3. Lovely sunshine pictures! So nice, you found a caretaker for Pip. That must make life easier for you. The train books look very pretty. We hope Benedict is feeling better by now.


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