Monday, 16 January 2012

Slowly, Slowly

We managed our first official day of home school for the beginning of the year.  As usual when we are trying to find a rhythm after a break for whatever the reason, the working relationship between Benedict and I is a tad strained.  Today was not helped by the fact that, I had an awful migraine and Dave was struggling to remain awake, let alone keeping Pip occupied.  Still we made it through 'til lunchtime without any major problems and the following was achieved:

  Four math logic puzzles, the first part of our history reader, "Lief the Lucky" another Viking tale, grammar exercises on silent letters and adjectives, the first part of our First Communion Programme and our literature narration based on the story of "St George and The Dragon."

Whilst all this was going on Dave and Pip chopped the veggies for our soup lunch and made the bread, they ran errands and coloured with the crayons.

After lunch Benedict finished his narration piece and Helen our diabetes specialist nurse made a home visit.  As I thought she concurred that, there is very little we can do to stabilise him when he is having a particularly bad spell and it is a case of micro managing and weathering out the storm.  We did actually manage to be in bed by 10pm last night as opposed to the usual crawling under the covers by 1:30am and for that I'm grateful.

Thanks to my friend Eva over at "Untrodden Paths" I've ordered two home economic and responsibility books based on the home schooling child, I was able to track them down from The Book Depository here in the UK and so saved on shipping costs.

I've also ordered maths, English and science books from 

 they were recommended from the home ed site   

The mum and main blogger, Merry has been home edding for many years and apart from running a successful online crafting and toy business she is a mind of information, sharing what has worked and not worked for her and the family in their home school journey. So if she recommends something you can pretty much guarantee it has been thoroughly tested by her gang!

Later in the afternoon Benedict and Pip attended a play date with friends and I had some quiet time at home, catching up and making tea.  Sara very kindly settled Pip this evening as Dave has actually gone to a model engineering meeting (a talk about locomotive valve gear- DH), for the first time in ages.  Benedict and I wrapped up today's home school with our weekly spellings, writing them and sorting into dictionary format as well as the drawing linked to his chosen narration on St George.  He is currently playing with Lego but it is now supper time and story time, I also have the kitchen to sort and tidy, so better get on with it!


  1. What a productive day you've had! You should be proud! We are using a French book from Galore Park (grade 5 and up). It's quite good. They also sell the Skoldo French program for little people, which we like.

    What First Communion book are you using? Miriam is also preparing for her First Holy Communion.

    We hope that Dave had a good meeting. Love to all!

  2. The book is "Jesus Comes To Me" written by Dora Nash and issued by Family Publications.

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  4. hello san, congratulations are your working day and getting organized with school books. it's a lot of hard work putting it all together. and getting to bed at a time you are happy with :) hugs!

  5. Things sound like they are really taking form for you, and your planning is paying off! Warmest love to you, San. You are a wonderful shining daughter of the King, and I love reading about your days. :)


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