Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Knitting :: Reading :: Home School

Once again I'm joining Ginny and others over on here:

I'm making another Shalom Cardigan only this time I have read the modification tips and have decided to add sleeves for extra warmth and also four buttons on the yoke as opposed to one.  In fact my previous Shalom will be frogged back as a result of my not liking the one button yoke thing.  Needless to say I've learnt my lesson and will read the project and comments pages before casting on!!

Patons Eco Wool in Charcoal Grey.

I'm re-reading this book:

I read this book from cover to cover one evening during the Christmas Season.  It was a peaceful and inspiring read.  As a result I'm now working through it with notebook in hand as I'm hoping to implement some of the strategies outlined by the author.  As a shared effort Benedict and I will be working our way though this stack which arrived this afternoon:

I've already peeked at the maths book and given the fact Benedict and I prefer the written word as opposed to numbers, it should  go down a treat.  The explanations and examples are written in a story like fashion, so here's hoping.

We certainly had fun with the bird decorations and the pictures here are living proof of that:

  "Hmm, Benedict the peanut butter is meant to be on the pine cone!"

 " A spoon for the birds and some for me!"

Benedict was at Shein's this morning and worked incredibly hard.  After lunch, he completed a spelling test, added more co-ordinates to his axes surprise picture and completed today's narration and accompanied drawing. 

I'm also working on a steep learning curve of my own.  Dave's Christmas treat to me was the Olympus E-520 digital SLR camera and thankfully the very useful book, "DSLR camera for dummies!"

My first go - him taking a picture of me taking picture!


  1. I was just commenting elsewhere that I really need to try knitting a Shalom! I hope you like the new one better!

  2. oooohhh nice camera!!! have fun! (and the sweater is lovely!)

  3. That's a funny picture with the camera. Jonathan wants to buy himself a film SLR. They are really cheap now (the used ones, that is). I meant to tell you that your package was a hit. Jonathan immediately went for the magazine and Flora wanted to "read" the "bunny book." We will try tea and coffee tomorrow. I will write more in an e-mail. Thanks so much!!!!


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