Friday, 20 January 2012

Maths :: Art :: Sickness

We've been dosing with homeopathy, echinacea and elderberry extract.  Pip and Benedict both have coughs and colds, mine is the usual throat infection and swollen glands.  I was determined however that, we were going to finish our home school week with the work list ticked and through sheer determination we did it, yay!

We tackled the first chapter in the new maths book working on place value of numbers, it is an area that can at times flummox Benedict but thanks to the working practical examples in the book, I'm hoping this time it will finally click. 


He was looking ghastly towards the end and upon checking his blood it was clear why, 32mmol/l... not good, gave a hefty insulin bolus and made him a drink to flush out his system.  We opened a brand new box of artists chalks and he had a peaceful time creating a picture of his choice:

 Artist in residence.

Finished Masterpiece.

Whilst Benedict was busy working independently Pip unleashed her own creative force:

Using big sister Emma's oil pastels, it has been many years since these were used.

Making patterns with the wooden triangular tiles.

  Practicing her cutting skills ... why do all small children cut with their mouths hanging open?!!

After this she'd had enough and was looking rather tired, so I put on the "Mary, Mungo and Midge" DVD and watched two episodes, "The Crane" and "The Toy Shop."   The programme was originally aired as  part of a "Watch with Mother" half hour daily series just after lunch time.  I know my mum did sit down with a cup of tea in hand to watch, but like most mums welcomed the chance of a half hour catch up on the housework!

After lunch Benedict finished reading his Enid Blyton Famous Five book, which he had only started on Monday and wrote a book report, on his own and with no nagging or input from me!  We then had a visit from the homeopath, after which he finished his written copy work for the St George story.  His drawings and writings for yesterday and today are as follows:

 'The knight did not want to be burned up again so he fell from the dragon.  Weary and wounded, he lay under the apple tree - it's branches were covered with red fruit and healing dew dropped from them.  Night spread over the earth and the knight slept under the tree.'

'They went back to the castle and told the story of the dragon slaying.  The King announced that the knight had earned his rest but he replied, "No My Lord.  I have sworn to give knight's service to the Fairy Queen for six years."  The knight and Una were married and he made many adventures and was known as St George of England.'

It has been a very productive and enjoyable week but I'm glad that, "teaching duty" is over for the weekend... I need to give my brain a rest!


  1. So glad you have ended the week productively, despite the poorliness, I have to get motivated as its dance class this morning but this toothache means I would rather be curled up by the fire! Onwards and upwards as they say! Hope your weekend is restoratative. Lorna xx

  2. Benedict's drawings are wonderful. He has talent hun!

  3. Aw poor you, cold and flu hit here and it's no fun! Enjoy your weekend. xx

  4. Thanks ladies for the encouraging words. Joxy, I think he takes after his two big sisters, Em and Sara they are both very good at art.

    San xx

  5. Pip's drawing looks like Flora's!! I'm amazed at how well Benedict fills in all the white spaces of his piece of paper. That's quite unsual for his age. He also has a steady hand to make these regular lines of color. Have you tried teaching him knitting yet?

    I hope you will be doing better healthwise soon. Jonathan has also been sick, just a cold, but he is also really tired.

  6. Time to fess up!!!

    Hmm... just to clarify Eva, B and I do share the responsibility of the colouring... must be down to my type A personality problems, i like everything in order!!! He does everything but the backgrounds and they are my responsibility, as he finds colouring large expanses very tiring.

    Hoping to try knitting with him soon and also water colour painting so that his hands won't ache.

    Love to you San x

  7. Just to add the cowboy picture is ALL his own work and he definitely found working with pastels more manageable, so will also be incorporating these more in the drawing times.

  8. Oh my goodness, those drawings are fabulous!!!


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