Friday, 13 January 2012

A Day With The Grandparents

We are still struggling with ongoing health problems at this end, so have made resting and reading our priority for this week.

  I had one particularly bad night when Benedict woke at 4:30am vomiting with ketones and dangerously high blood sugars.  As always I resort to auto pilot in these circumstances and with the aid of an emergency sub cut injection, plenty of liquid and another set and line change on the pump, he was stable within forty minutes.  I was just settling on his floor when Pip woke, the clock said 5:30am, no point attempting to sleep so I got up with her, made breakfast and caught up with the laundry.  When Dave woke at 7:30am I then made my way upstairs to catch up on some shut eye.  The children took their nap later that day and for an hour there was silence!

 Benedict Bear.

Little Miss Philippa Jo.

  Friday is normally a field trip day but since we are still not in a home school groove, we decided to visit my mum and dad and have family time instead.  We didn't get to see our daughter Kathryn as she was working but still had a lovely time.  My mum did a great job at keeping us fed and watered including sneaking a few treats on a plate for Pip

 Eating a few crisps whilst waiting for the lunch to finish cooking.

After lunch Dad and I walked them to the park, they had great fun in the newly refurbished kids area

Prisoners in the tower.

Down the helter skelter minus her boots... they were thrown down first!

On the wobbly walk way with Grandad.

Benedict at the top of the rope climbing frame.

It was nice for me to spy some of the familiar landscapes within the park, after all I spent many a happy afternoon here as a child growing up.  First with my parents and grandparents and then latterly on my own with friends

The newly refurbished band stand.

The cafe area overlooking the putting green.

It was a shame however to see so many areas neglected and overgrown.  The park used to have a team of dedicated  wardens but as with all things, local government cut backs have affected the resources available for maintaining green spaces.  So sad.

It was a happy day and now finally both children are fast asleep.  Benedict and I have finished reading "On The Banks of Plum Creek" as our shared reader and so we begin "Swallows and Amazons" as of tomorrow.  I'll leave you with a sunset picture taken yesterday evening, the colours across the sky are just beautiful

Be Blessed San x


  1. Glad you managed to get out and enjoy it all after an eventful night, those extra long days start to catch up on me in the afternoon and a bit of fresh air is about the only thing that will keep me going. Lorna xx

  2. It must be nice to take the children to a playground you used to go to. So nice to see you outside again!

  3. yes! a beautiful sunset picture! i'm so glad it turned out alright during the night with benedict. and a day with the grandparents is always special. a perfect panacea. it's always a relief when they are sleeping well and soundly. here's to many calm nights for you :)


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