Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Yarn Along :: Book Review :: Trouble Shooting

Joining Ginny again with the yarn along crew.  Still working on the Shalom cardigan, more than usual sickness at this end means that progress has been slow.  I've almost finished the body and am hoping that I'll have enough wool to add some sleeves... albeit on the short side, as I do not have enough wool for anything otherwise!

 Two books are on my bed stand are " The Permaculture Way" by Graham Bell and "The Rhythm Of The Family" by Amanda Blake Soule and Stephen Soule and I pick them up and put them down as the mood takes.

I've been interested in Permaculture for some time now and most especially in relation to the garden.  This book although interesting doesn't quite provide the in depth information I had hoped but I think the same author has written a follow up specifically for gardens, so will check it out further. 

He did make an interesting point however in relation to sickness and disability, that we all have something to offer and that, a true community needs all types of folk to make it work.  An ideology I wholeheartedly agree with but in practice, in this day and age it seems almost an unreachable target. Ironically we live in a city that, is trying to gain transition town status, but when I look at where some of the meetings are held, it is nigh on impossible to attend if you have a mobility impairment and would like to take part.  Maybe it is a cue for me to get off my soap box and flag this up!

I love the Amanda Blake Soule books but being honest I'm glad I did not buy this one, much of the information written in the book could be easily gleaned by reading her blog.  If you are looking for loads of project ideas then, I think you would fair better with her "Handmade Home" book instead.  I have the "Creative Family" book and love that one as it is a good mix on projects, ideas for activities for kids and seasonal stuff too. 

The skeins of wool are a recent purchase I made from my friend Debbie... a Ravelry dude and fearless knitter!  She was culling her wool stash and I kid you not that gal had a bin bag full of wool.  I think there was still an odd bag or two lying around the house!  Apart from the labelled blue mix which is a super wash BFL in "Licorice" all the other colours were hand dyed by her using kool aid.  In fact it was Debbie that, first introduced me to hand dying last summer.  The super wash is earmarked for a pair of socks and the other colours will probably be used in a scarf/shawl project, since they're 100% wool and do not have the much needed acrylic to make them workable in a sock design.

We're still sick at this end and the situation is made worse by totally unstable diabetes.  Three nights on the run now, I have gone to bed and set my phone alarm to wake me at midnight and then at one thirty so that I give extra insulin to Benedict.  Thankfully he is blissfully unaware of all this extra worry, it's just me that is "plum tired" and little wonder I cannot shake this heavy cold and cough.  I've re-programmed his basal rates throughout the twenty four hour period and am hopefully that, things should stabilise.  It is always a worry when he gets like this, as there's an increased chance he'll become insulin resistant and the only way of dealing with him then, is a hospital visit and an IV drip, not good.  Praying that this will not be the case.


  1. Hope everyone feels lots better soon.

    I'm knitting a Shalom at the moment too, looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  2. I got "Creative Family" from the library, but was a little bit disappointed. Many ideas are already in my other Waldorf type books. I hope you won't end up in the hospital. That would be too sad.


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