Thursday, 26 January 2012

English :: Practical Work :: Interactive Games

Night time blood sugars are much improved but the day time readings are still problematic.  Thankfully I was able to be in bed not long after midnight and no middle of the night rooster alarms, thank God!

We worked together on the first chapter of our new English book.  Benedict did an amazing job considering his mid morning reading was very high.  He was also thrown in at the deep end and was dealing with work that was quite taxing.  In between my help I managed to tidy around and sort some washing.  There was no point pushing for more work to be completed as his concentration was very poor, so I gave him the box of chalk pastels and he worked quite happily on his own.

Once the extra insulin had worked he helped with some practical jobs: clearing and laying the table, lunchtime preparation and serving.

After lunch he used the computer and played a maths game courtesy of IXL Maths followed by an interactive programme about The Highland Clearances.

We've been watching the BBC programme An Island Parish and it is through this programme, we have been learning more about the hardships involved in the island way of life.  Of course the clearances were much worse and the movement of whole clans was a direct result of money and greed.  Regardless of the motivating factor behind a mass exodus both resulted in a loss of heritage.  Very sad.


  1. We both got some more sleep! That's a good sign.

  2. hello san, it sounds like it was a nice calm, and productive day. i'm glad. i hope this lasts awhile so you can all feel more rested and healthy :) juggling chores and schooling is not easy. some weeks go more smoothly than others . . (thinking of a pile of laundry i need to attack!)


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