Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Seven Days

Crafting with foam.

Big brother having a go too.

Pink Candles at ...

... Make and Cake.

Winter Sun.

 Chasing a sunset.

A visit with grandparents and a trip to the beach.

Nature's Bounty.

"Teacher" is still on sick leave, so it's a case of everyman/boy for themselves.  The leave them alone and they'll come round to doing their own thing surprisingly does work, Benedict finished his Famous Five book from last week and in the past two days has read the first two books from the Secret Seven series. 

We watched a fascinating programme on Maps this morning, Maps:Power Plunder and Possession.  We learnt that in the Middle Ages the maps at the time were more likely to portray a spiritual than a literal space and place dimension.  As the centuries progressed maps have been used in epidemiology with particular reference to the cholera outbreaks in Victorian London and  the movement of peoples, touching on sinister aspects such as ethnic cleansing.

Nowadays they are used as a powerful visual tool in highlighting areas of concern throughout the world from AIDS/HIV infection, infant mortality, teenage pregnancy rates and poverty.  I found the programme very interesting and although I think most of it went over Benedict's head, it will be interesting in the days that follow to see what and how much he remembers from the programme.

We've had a very peculiar day the sort of day where occasionally I do wish he were at school and that the burden of education was lifted from my shoulders.  I've learnt that when these days occur I just have to accept them for what they are and roll with the punches and in the words of Postman Pat, "Tomorrow is another day!"


  1. I will have to come back and follow the Maps link. That looks very interesting! Sorry you aren't feeling well!

  2. Beautiful pictures, San! The video looks interesting too. We've had somebody sick here also almost every day now for several weeks. People feel bad and then better the next day and then bad again. Very strange. Just Charlotte and I seem to be immune. Wishing you health and joy and strength!

  3. Great post San.Sorry to hear that you are still battling with your health, hope you start to feel better soon. Thanks for the Maps link - I'm off to see what it's all about.


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