Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another Productive Day

Pip was at Debby's today, she had great fun at messy play, enjoyed charging around the playground after lunch and using the computer for a short while on a pre school web site.  Needless to say after all that activity she had a short nap in the car on the way home!

Benedict despite suffering from a cold and crazy blood readings mid morning worked very hard:

Spelling test including the corrections, two pages of grammar on suffixes and compound words, co-ordinates on x and y axes and one addition logic puzzle, by then his concentration was off whack and upon checking his bloods it became obvious why... 22mmol/l!!  Cue for me to bolus insulin, make a cup of tea and leave him with a tray of Lego whilst I finished making chicken soup for lunch.

Once the soup was bubbling on the stove he worked on his copy work for this week's scripture memory:

"Truly I say unto you repent - change, turn about and become like little children - trusting, loving, forgiving, you can never enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Whoever will humble himself therefore and become like this little child is greatest in the kingdom of Heaven."

He then worked on his narration from St George and the writing and accompanied drawing were completed after lunch.


 Sun and Shade.

A fierce and colourful dragon.

He's not the only one being busy, late last week I finished my sewing projects and finally have had the chance to upload my efforts:

A Colourful Array, a bag holder in the top corner followed by...

... cheery napkins for the dinner table and ...

... a hankie holder courtesy of " Rhythm of Family" by Amanda Blake Soule and co authored with her husband Steve.  This book has been kindly loaned to me from my blogging friend Jacqui over at

her pictures always make me smile and the scenery is just awe inspiring, truly our God is great!

We are at the days end just before dinner prep and we've just had a sticky and messy time trying to cover pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed, they are decorations for our Christmas tree, which is happily ensconced outside.   Needless to say quite a lot of the PB ended up in little one's mouths as opposed to the pine cones, *smile*


  1. Wow, very productive! Is that Benedict's writing there in the folder? Have to say he has beautiful neat handwriting.

  2. Thanks Joxy. The writing in the folder is mine, when he's moaning about having to write I remind him who does the largest amount of work in home school prep... he usually goes quiet at this point!

    San x

  3. We have a bag holder like this! Very pretty sewing.

  4. hello san, what a wonderful busy day. i love benedict's drawing. he's a good hard worker. your napkins and bags are beautiful! i've been wanting to make napkins like that. did you just sew two pieces back to back? and i like amanda's books. i've been wanting to get _rhythm of the family_. it's nice to hear that you like it. stay well :)

  5. Thanks for the kind comments. Dorina the napkins are really easy - two pieces of fabric back to back, sew three sides, turn inside out and fold under raw edge, pin and then top stitch round all four sides. The napkins were originally hankies to be placed in the holder, as per stated in the book, but I thought they were too lovely to use as hankies, so decided to use them as napkins instead!! The kids love the fact that they can choose their own favourite colour at mealtimes.

    San x

  6. oh yes, that sounds easy! thanks! i'm so used to the thin tissues that they sound a little thick for hankies.


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