Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Day was a funny mix, we finally decorated the tree that very morning!

 Opening stockings and Pirates of The Caribbean Lego for Benedict.  Tree laid bare in the background.

 Our very own decorating the tree Angel.

 Stringing the lights.


Because I'd made the food the night before we actually sat down and watched Miracle on 42nd Street, at which point Pip declared:
"No Father Christmas, because there aren't any presents under the tree!"

Oops... I know she's a smart cookie, but I hadn't realised just how much she takes in.  I quickly remarked that, the present fairy would be visiting after we'd eaten and peace was restored, phew!

Christmas Lunch.

 A visit from the present fairy.

K-Nex for our mini engineer.

Wooden furniture and a family of dolls for Pip.

On Boxing Day we visited our families, just over an hour away.  We had lunch with my parents and our daughter Kathryn, who lodges with them, since this town is her place of work.  Dave's mum was out of action having had foot surgery less than a week before.   Dave and I did manage a visit to her and Dad on our own and Sara visited once we were able to take over with the childcare.

 Kathryn in the Kitchen.

Pip and Nanna N playing with the Lego.

We've been slowly opening presents throughout the week.  I think Pip was definitely outfaced having just had her Birthday two days previous!  This is what she woke up to on Wednesday morning... our gift to her, although Benedict loves it too...

 ... A Daddy made Doll's House, renovated in 2011 and originally made in ...

 ... 1991. 

 Our older three, twenty years ago!

It originally took six weeks to design and build in a very cold garage in our first house.  The renovation project took two weeks, as some water damage had occurred as a result of storage and some panels needed replacing or sanding.


 Opening the doors for the first time, to find...

A family in residence, although...

... she decided the house was also big enough for her to live in too!  So for the time being it is now filled with not only the dolls but a variety of book, games and other wooden figures!  This gal has definitely inherited my Dad's adventurous spirit!

It has been a mixed week, I think all the last minute preparations of gift buying, wrapping and sorting for Pip's birthday has taken it's toll and I've already resolved to do things very differently next year!! 

Our Christmas Eve attendance at Mass was scuppered by Benedict anxious that he was feeling hypo even though his blood readings were OK and Pip singing very loudly at the consecration!  So Dave was the last man standing to represent the family, the four of us having sloped off some time before the end.  I hadn't fully realised how anxious Benedict has become regarding the diabetes, up until now it is me that has shouldered most of the stress, but since he's growing up, it is inevitable that things will start to hit home.  Needless to say his behaviour has been at times very challenging.

The weather too has been pretty awful with endless rain, and despite having friends to play on Wednesday, cabin fever has set in, so I'm hoping a trip to the park before visiting friends for lunch will be the order of the morning.

We have however kept on top of writing our thank yous made easier by the fact that, we have been opening one present each day.  There are packages awaiting to be opened in the loft!  We've also got back on with our "lesson" as we'd lost time in Advent due to sickness and multiple daily hypo's with Benedict.  As always he grumbles when I get the books out, but once we are in a rhythm he settles down and has produced some good work this week.

Christmas Blessings San and all xx


  1. Oh what a wonderful doll's house! :) Beautiful Christmas pictures, mama. xxx

  2. Beautiful photos and gifts San. I must say I am relieved to know that I'm not the only one who's Christmas was a bit up and down. Makes me realise that I'm only human and not super woman!

    We managed the carol service on the green, but mass was just wishful thinking for us this year!

    We had another good day today, and tomorrow looks to be a nice day with great friends, so well be leaving 2011 on a good note.

    Here's hoping that you manage to do the same and start 2012 well ( in all senses of the word)

    Lorna x

  3. Lovely pictures, what a fantastic dolls house, clever Daddy! Happy New Year x

  4. Hi San,

    I have not found any other homeschool groups or homeschoolers for that matter to hook up with! Would you be keen to meet half-way sometime? email me to chat ;o)


  5. hello san, merry merry christmas and happy new year. i love the older picture of your children and the dollhouse, and the new one with pip inside :) it sounds like you've been taking each day at a time, and i wish benedict much strength and courage to work with the diabetes. life certainly is not easy but you have so much love and support in your family . . i can't help but feel that all will be well. we do as much as we can . . and create peace where we go. it's nice that you were to part of christmas eve mass. many blessings to your beautiful family. here we are in the new year and you've already done some lessons! we are (sadly?!) behind . . chanda told another homeschooling friend of her's that we were "off," but i would feel so happy to get a few lessons in this week before epiphany!

  6. Hello San, what a great dollhouse! Dave is really talented. And Pip looks so much like an angel. She and Flora should have been in our Christmas pageant together. Wishing you a Happy New Year!!!


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