Sunday, 5 February 2012

Another Seven Days

We've still struggled... or should I say, I have, with ongoing sickness this week.  Desk work has been out the window and instead Benedict is currently on his seventh "Secret Seven" book which is one a day in my reckoning!  He attended a maths morning with Shein on Wednesday, swimming session on Tuesday and a play date on the Wednesday teatime.

Pip had fun with Debbie this week, they visited the butterfly and mini beast house in the park followed by a picnic, painted pictures, played games and attended "sing and play" on Thursday.  By Thursday afternoon Pip had spiked a temperature and fell asleep on the sofa, homeopathic Belladonna sorted her out though and by Saturday she was once more raring to go!

Happy Chap.

A hot chocolate treat at a local craft centre.

 Discovering a long forgotten book.

From this ...

... to this, our nod to St Brigid's Day.

 Den Building.

Sick Day Snuggles.

We have hospital and doctor appointments tomorrow so it will be another day of "light school" as for the rest of the week we'll take just one day at a time.



  1. I love that picture of the hot chocolate treat. So sweet.

  2. I thought so too, so adorable. Hope you all feel better, any snow? x

  3. hi san, are these pictures with the new camera? they're nice. i love ben's smile. the soda bannock looks yummy :) and the den looks cozy. it's difficult shaking colds and such in february. i'm still very congested . . getting used to it and drinking lots of honey tea. the yoga classes help . . but it's still quite uncomfortable. i hope the acupuncture helped you. sleep always is good . . sometimes a bit elusive unfortunately. around this time i often get a bit lackadaisical about lessons . . (sigh). tomorrow morning we have a field trip to a costume shop at a design school, so i'm off the hook for a little longer . . :P

    good luck with the hospital and doctor appointments. hugs . .

    1. Hi Dorina,

      Most of the recent pics have been taken by the new camera, I'm determined to crack manual focus before to long, just need five minutes to sit down and watch the DVD linked to the camera!

      Glad I'm not the only one suffering from a lackadaisical attitude to "teaching"... mind you, you do heaps with your gang, they're always on the go.

  4. Tell Benedict that I read "The Secret Seven" books as a child and loved them. That was in German, of course. Charlotte and Miriam really like Enid Blyton. When we were in England we bought quite a few books by her. They are not so popular over here. I sent you an e-card to speed up recovery:).

    1. Thanks for the e card will check email once I've set Benedict on his next task.


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