Monday, 4 January 2010

Take Joy In The Gift Of Today

This is the first item in a long list of ways to bless your day, taken from a poster with the same name.  It was left behind by our daughter Em when she heeded God's call and entered Religious Life.  I counted the entries and there are twenty four, one for each remaining day in January... well sort of!

Finding joy earlier on in the day seemed reasonably easy but as the day drew to a close and Benedict's behaviour deteriorated, trying to remain joyful in all circumstances seemed nigh high impossible!

If we really think about it, each day truly is a gift... this new day that faces us has never been lived before and we are being given the opportunity to unwrap it and savour the contents.  We can only do this however if we attempt to slow down, quit rushing and as far as possible BE truly present in the moment.   

So next time you are chasing your tail, put the kettle on, brew a cup of your favourite beverage and sit and BE.

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