Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

A day late I know... but better late than never!!  It has been a mixed week with moments of quiet, reading and crafting followed by three consecutive days of busyness/mayhem!  My friend Emily visited on Tuesday with her two littlies, Maya and Orli.  It has been some weeks since we last met as she had been in Israel celebrating Hanukkah and we of course have had Christmas.  It was good to catch up and boy has Orli grown!  She is now four months old and a lovely sweet babe.

Hot on their visit was a fun filled afternoon with Jen, Mark, Catherine and Amy.  Shortly after their arrival the Dads were packed off to Brewsters with the bigger kids.  It's a win-win situation, the kids get to charge around and the Dads drink coffee and read the newspaper look after the kids, ahem!  Peace and quiet for us mums at home?  Not quite as Pip kept us on our toes, our current game is stop her from tearing the wallpaper.  With all the up and down activity it beats the step machine at the gym hands down!!

Capturing the mood!

Cleaning peanut butter off Catherine's new boots!!  She just had to stand in an upturned PB rice cake courtesy of Pip!  Ah well!!

As usual Benedict's blood sugars have been totally up and down and as I write he is currently still awake, it is now 11:20 pm and has just had a bad hypo.  Ironic really since he ran extremely high earlier in the evening and we had to bolus a corrective dose to bring him down!!  In the rare glimmer of almost normality he has managed to put his building skills to use and with help from Dad made a working wind up clock:

 Arranging the cogs and gears.

The finished result... pretty impressive.  Thanks Nanna and Grandad N.

New Years Eve was a fairly sedate affair; the big people scoffed nuts and watched an Agatha Christie Poirot with the ever talented David Sutchet.  We went to bed far too late and were woken by the dawn chorus, as usual.  Thank goodness for the match sticks in the house, invaluable for propping open bleary eyes!

Our last gathering for the week occurred away from home and on New Years Day we visited our friends just to the North of us some 18 miles down the road.  We missed seeing Zoe completely as she was napping but Benedict and Heather played very well together and anarchy only reigned for the last ten minutes of the visit!!

Aaargh, me hearties!

The sunset sky on our return journey home, a fitting end to a lovely day.

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