Sunday, 10 January 2010

Obey With A Cheerful Heart

I only have to think of the joy that surrounds Em and the other Sisters of The Home of the Mother as they follow God's direction in their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  It's a joy that comes from deep within, it cannot be bottled and if it could it would be, its market value would be priceless.  They answer their call to Him daily and it is His loving will that sustains them.  Does this mean that such guidance is only available to those in religious life?  Not a jot!  Such guidance and direction is available to all and He meets us where we are  on our journey.  For some this might mean sitting in silence so that He can be heard  in the gentle whisper on the breeze.  For others, myself included we  "listen" in the writings of others and through the written word we find our message for the day.

At the start of this New Year I have been prompted to review our spending habits  not that they  were excessive! and in doing so do my bit in stewardship of God's earth and for others less fortunate.  As a result I've signed up to the Yahoo group The Compact and will not be buying anything new for these next 12 months (permitted exceptions aside).  I will make an even greater effort to reduce, reuse and recycle and where possible become a teeny bit more self sufficient in the food department.  As far as possible I will document an honest appraisal of my efforts including the times I will no doubt fall off the wagon!

I shall leave you with an excerpt from an article entitled " Say yes to your heart"  by Lara Phegan found in  the January edition of Woman Alive:

"Every day and in every area of our lives we have a choice to make - to live in fear or to let ourselves fly.  Our gifts, our purpose and our heart are constantly calling to us.  It's up to us whether we heed the call.  There are things you were created to do.  There are things you would love to do.  There are things your heart is prompting you to do.  Are you listening?  Are you saying "yes"?



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