Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Count Your Blessings

I think I'm being given the opportunity to grow a little in character and virtue this month... I say a little as in the things of the Lord I am a slow learner!  He is very patient with me and is not the least hassled by having to explain things over and over again!!

So today's action on the poster is counting one's blessings and even before my feet had really hit the floor this morning, I was being taught a lesson.  Dave's Mum, Dad and Uncle Bernard were due to visit today, it was our version of Christmas Mark 2 since they were sick on the day itself.  Not even the trill of the phone downstairs alerted me to anything untoward as I was roused from slumber, but once up and about it became apparent they would not be visiting.  A combination of Dad being unwell and another snow fall scuppered our plans.  Hmmm, so what do I do with the mountain of cooked vegetables awaiting me in the kitchen, enough to feed a small army?  Sit and moan?  Shout and yell?  Nope, I need to remember today's exhortation so in the spirit of the instructions here is my take on the day...

1.  We lurve our veg in this family, so plenty for lunch and joy of joys enough leftover for a meal tomorrow.  I will only need to make a cheese sauce and voila a potato and veg bake.  No real cooking involved so a kitchen free day, yay!!

2.  No school for Benedict as our road is treacherous and the one way system into town has shut down.  No problem we've been part home edding this past term so there is already work on hand.  Benedict completed his alloted work sheets this morning and after lunch he built mini snowmen in the garden, watched the Muppet's Wizard of Oz and made a Nativity scene with modelling beeswax.

3. Pip has cut three teeth this week, one at the front and two at the side.  She now has a total of 8 teeth!  We now also have peace and better sleep at night, thank you God!

4. What a clever husband I have!  Thanks to him I am no longer experiencing painful electric shocks at the slightest touch.  It became so bad I was having to earth myself with metal keys before touching anything.  I'm sure if I'd been hooked up to the National Grid I could've saved us money with the electricity generated!!  Jokes aside it was becoming wearing.  Apparently it is the combination of extremely cold weather and central heating that is the cause, so at Dave's suggestion I have been walking barefoot on our wooden floors since this afternoon and no further shocks!!  My feet have acclimatised to the temperature change and they now no longer feel cold!

5.  Thankful for a well heated home, a goodly supply of wood and a log fire raging in the lounge.

6.  Benedict actually settled really well at bedtime this evening... thanks for your prayers Beatrice!

7.  I have nearly finished Pip's wool slippers and should hopefully be able to felt them in the machine tomorrow!

Here are a selection of pics from today:

Nursing a baby and teaching a child!

 In The Bleak Midwinter...

 101 uses for a badminton racket!

God's Glory, a radiant sunset, another fitting end to a blessed day!


If you've got this far and think I've had a sublime day maybe I should include an out take or two...  Sara very kindly put part of our meal for lunch in the freezer yesterday and ten minutes before lunch I was defrosting it in the microwave, in between shouting and gesticulating!  She was very charitable with me and did not complain, needless  to say I ate a big piece of humble pie!!  Like I say I'm slowly learning!


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