Saturday, 16 January 2010

Diabetes Is ...

... PANTS!!!

Been a really trying week and Benedict's blood glucose swings and intolerable behaviour shows no signs of slowing down.  To make matters worse I trapped a nerve in my neck and was laid low with pain, dizziness and horrendous nausea :-(  A combination of anti inflammatories and Dave's version of structural osteopathy seems to have done the trick, thank God!  So here are some recent pics to hopefully cheer:

Pip asleep in the didy wrap on my back!

" Hmm... I've made a bit of a mess with the laundry haven't I mum?"

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  1. Hope the diabetes will settle itself soon. Not much clue about diabetes but I am a mama of two myself and I know the feeling when you are feeling helpless. How old was your son when he got diagnosed with diabetes?
    Vanessa xx


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