Sunday, 24 January 2010

Random Pictures From This Week

On our way to feed the ducks at Uni.  It took us forever to get togged up with warm wet weather clothing  but we were determined to get some much needed fresh air.  When we arrived at our destination the pond was deserted but within what seemed like a nano second hordes of birds appeared from out of nowhere!  It felt like we were in the middle of a Hitchcock film! Benedict quickly beat a hasty retreat to one of the nearby out buildings leaving me and Pip to fend off the hungry hordes.  It was a good job she was in the Ergo otherwise she would've been petrified!  The Geese as usual were very aggressive and in the end I just threw the bread at them whole slices and all!!

Big sister Kath being a good sport and allowing Benedict to wrap her in both his and Pip's clothing!  She visited along with my parents and we were at last able  to hand out the Christmas presents from us and also receive those from Nanna and Grandad H!  It was a lovely visit although it makes us realise how much we miss our families.  It's ironic that we moved to where we are as a result of Dave's work and uni and yet now we have no job to tie us!!  Having said that the housing market is a mess and Benedict's school is excellent with supporting him,so as usual we are trying to bloom where we have been planted!

Benedict's Christmas present from Nanna and Grandad H, a nautically themed quilt made by Nanna.  We all have a handmade bed cover by this talented gal!

Nutritious and comforting Breakfast Bars, recipe posted over on The Kitchen Angel blog, so go take a peek!

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