Friday, 8 January 2010

A Friday Foray And A Fabulous Freebie!

Our treat for the day was not only our Abel & Cole order neatly stacked on the snow behind our car (thanks guys) but this seasonal cookery feast completely free of charge:

After lunch Benedict and Sara their way into town.  This was a first for both of them as Sara has never had sole responsibility for Benedict so far away from home.  They had french fries as their edible treat since we could easily work out the carb content and then write down the bolus instructions for Sara to follow.  This has been the first time she has given him insulin via the pump and she was a star!  They had a lovely time wandering around the market.  They bought aran wool for me to make Pip some house slippers and Benedict especially loved the pet shop!  I think his biggest treat though was the bus ride home!!

The wanderers venture forth!

Dave also made his way into town and then onto Booths and he snapped this picture on his travels:

An icy river and buildings by the quay.

Whilst Pip napped I was able to use some of the veg from our delivery and make  a mixed veg pie with a message on the top:

The recipe for this and the fruit loaf made by Dave earlier today are posted on The Kitchen Angel.

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