Thursday, 7 January 2010

Clearing The Clutter And Felted Frenzy!

At last all the Christmas Decorations are down but boy does the house look grimey!  The winter sun although glorious and uplifting, has this uncanny knack of highlighting every streak on the windows.  There was nothing for it but to don the marigolds, fill a bucket with sudsy water and get cleaning!!  Since chaos reigned in every room I decided to work from the front door backwards,so the porch was tackled first, followed by the hall, dining room, kitchen and finally the lounge.  I managed to take shots of two of the areas, these will serve as a reminder to me that, my house can occasionally look as "neat as a new pin!"

The Hallway.

The Dining Room.

Last but not least these fuzzy creations were finally completed and shrunk in the washing machine!  On purpose of course!  They are still a little bit big for my little pixie but given time they will fit perfectly!


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  1. What gorgeous little booties.


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