Sunday, 3 January 2010


NOTE TO SELF:  If I wish to remain in the black and retain my sanity on no account take a hyper diabetic boy shopping.

Benedict promised he was going to be calm and quiet.  Our only task was to purchase some much needed shoes for Pip; some decent sturdy shoes as she has been walking confidently for over two months.  Calm?  Quiet?  No Way!!  Upon entering the shop he pretended to be an over enthusiastic pup and I spent most of the time attempting to reign him in whilst encouraging Pip to make a move in her nice new shoes!!  Once we were confident she could actually walk in them I beat a hasty retreat, leaving Dad to pick up the tab!!  It was only as we were loading the car with shopping and kids I casually asked the cost of the shoes and promptly needed resuscitation upon hearing the answer!!

So what do you do with a very expensive pair of baby's first shoes in order to get value for money?  Since taking her on a daily route march is totally out of the question, I shall display them on her dresser as a reminder of our interesting day.  No doubt they will be a lively conversation piece as the years roll on!

Before you dive for the polish Dad they really are meant to look worn and scuffed!!

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