Friday, 19 September 2014

More Wedding Day Pictures

Here is a photo collection of random shots taken throughout the day.

 Early morning and if you look closely you can see Emma taking the photgraph!

 Kathryn drove through a McDonalds' Drive thru wearing her big hair!

 Smiley Mary Grace ~ she was great throughout the whole day.

 Em and Kath together.

 A funny picture of me and a chance to show Eva my dress, as requested!

Random pictures from The Midland Hotel and the scrumptious afternoon tea, for those who ate it!!

 Heather my Sister-in-Law and resident photgrapher.  She has a website over here.  You can also see some shots of the big day on her blog here

 We managed to "persuade" him into a pair of smart trousers and a shirt!!  No mean feat :-)

 A selection of cakes and pastries.

 Sandwiches ~ egg mayo, smoke salmon, cheese and cucumber and ham.

Next up, Emma and Sister Morgan's visit.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mr and Mrs

It has been a week since the wedding.  I had hoped to post sooner but things were crazier than usual in these parts!  The service was really lovely and the bride looked beautiful and yes being her mum I am biased!

 Wedding hair do

 Back View

 Wedding Bouquet

 The Happy Couple

 Receiving a horse shoe from my cousins

 Bridesmaid Pip

These are the pictures that really capture the special moments of the day because sadly it was downhill from this moment onwards!  Not only was the cake not delivered to the venue but Sara became very unwell and was unable to enjoy the afternoon tea at The Midland Hotel.  In fact she was so poorly that the out of hours deputising service dispatched an ambulance and a canula line was inserted into the vein in her right arm and two drugs administered, one anti sickness and the other low dose morphine.  Once in hospital the doctor in A&E ran a series of blood tests and administered two consecutive IV drips.  We finally left hospital at 2am, Sara came home with me and Tom travelled back to stay with his parents!!  Despite looking very grey and drawn, Sara managed a lovely smile and said, "I have had a lovely day mum, I'm married and that is all that counts!"

I finally managed to contact the cake lady at 8am the day after and needless to say she was dreading my call :-(  Aparantly she had marked the date in her diary for the 10th October and the cake had not even been iced as she thought she had another month to finish the work! So in between finishing orders for this week, she worked until the early hours to finish Sara and Tom's cake and we had a cutting of the cake ceremony with his family at their home on Sunday:

We had a wonderful family get together.  Tom made some yummy scones including a gluten free version and they were topped with Dave's home made damson jam.  Time sped quite quickly and before we new it, Sara announced that it was half past six and would we like to stay for supper.  We all pitched in with the food prep and enjoyed a butternut squash, spinach, mushroom and pine nut bake, topped with parmesan cheese and chilli flakes, this was served with garlic potatoes and salad.  Dessert was juicy ripe strawberries and cream.

I held it together for the wedding and for our visitors Emma and Sr Morgan (i'll post about their visit tomorrow) but needless to say it has taken its toll and both mine and Dave's health has not been good since the weekend.  We are however making a concerted effort to get to bed early and so I will sign off for now.

Love to those of you reading this and I will catch up with you soon x 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Yarn Along

Joining in with Ginny and co for this week's yarn alongI am knitting some sleeves for a shrug style cardigan to contrast with my dress for the wedding.

  I finally managed to find a dress to only realise that the original waterfall style cardigan would not work because of the change in colours!  I also knew that I would not have time to knit a cardi from scratch so my dear friend Debs, knit the fronts and back, which meant I only had to tackle the sleeves.  Good job too as since the middle of last week I have been poorly with a virus.

The Borrowers is our read aloud and narration book for the first part of this new school term.  We are slowly easing back in to a new school year and  are taking things easy by introducing new topics in a gentle manner.  I would rather we started slow and steady than going crazy and losing momentum half way through!

Benedict did a great job with his narration and worked incredibly hard with his copywork which is not easy for someone with dyspraxia and dyslexia :-)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Having read about Eva's first day  I pressed the kids into action and gave them plenty of helping jobs around the home.  There is definitely truth in that old saying, "the devil makes work for idle hands" and since Dad and I were sick of their constant bickering keeping them busy provided a much needed outlet for their energy.

Sara and I have been working on painting the front of the house so Benedict and Pip helped scrape off the peeling paintwork:

Benedict also mowed the back lawns and gathered up the apples and pears that had fallen from the trees.  After swimming Pip helped with folding the laundry:

I have just come in from outside painting and am now working my way through youtube links and learning sites, for Benedict and I start school next week when Pip returns on Monday.  He officially enters secondary education and so there is an interesting learning curve ahead for both of us.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Slow Living

I am embarking on a new venture of really attempting to live in the moment, reduce our stress levels and live as a simply as possible over a weekend.

  During the week despite working and learning from home, the constant round of paleo food catering, menu planning, organising and dealing with constant health issues is taking its toll.  I cannot leave the family to embark on a mini retreat but I can make a conscious effort to reduce my workload and look for the joy in these days.

Simple Home ~ I tidied the top of our sideboard which sits in the front room.  As a result, the homeschool books are easier to see and Pip chose a few to share with me this morning.

Simple Meals ~ easy to do, minimum washing up/cooking:

Saturday ~ Soup and Banana Pancakes.
                 Tuna and Mushroom Pasta.

Sunday ~ Left over veggie curry with left over pancakes.
               Deliciousness in a bowl, everything but the fridge, granola!

 Thai Style Lentil and Vegetable Soup.

 Gorgeous Granola!

Pinning It Down ~ I chose an in item from my Pinterest board and made it!  It was that lovely soup and the recipe can found here: Scaling Back/ 

Looking for the light, looking through the lens ~ I really enjoyed the happy project but that was made using my instagram account and the iphone.  I have become lazy with regard to picture taking so this section is my chance to pick up the big camera and work on my technique:

Simple Links ~ I definitely think that the scaling back blog (linked above) is worth a visit.  Her recipes look mouthwateringly fantastic and I love her photography.

My next go to favourite is this place.  Tammy has taken some amazing photgraphs using her iphone, in fact her second book, found here was made doing just that.  Proof that a big all singing and dancing piece of kit is not necessary to capture good imagery!

I also enjoyed watching this film Tiny - a story about living small 

So that's me for this weekend, refreshed and revisioned!  


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Catching Up

We have had a busy, fun week and I am grateful for these past days.

At the weekend we caught up with some longstanding friends, who we have not seen in over three years!  Guillermo and his family have travelled over from Spain and have been in the area these past few weeks:

 The man himself taking photos.

 Showing off his cowboy boots that his older daughter brought back from Oklahoma on a school exchange.  The kids pretend that they are not with him when he wears them :-)

 Pip with Carmen and Paula.

Benedict and Pip have spent some extra time at holiday club this week.  The whole experience has been such a positive boost for Benedict's confidence and he has been buzzing everyday with new information and has loved hanging out with the other kids.  Needless to say he was quite sad, coming home today as the realisation of his situation sunk in :-(  I am praying that something good will happen for him soon and I know that God has a special plan for him, so this keeps me going :-)

 Yoda Pip!

 A medium sized Japanese Knot Bag for Miss G, the head at Pip's school and the mastermind behind the three week holiday club.  She was there everyday from seven in the morning until six at night and was not paid a penny!  The other army of helpers were paid out of a special fund.  She is a keen knitter and I thought she would appreciate somewhere to keep her many projects.  Her office currently looks like a tornado has swept through, leaving a trail of chaos in its wake ~ hama beads, kids toys, spare school uniforms, books, books and more books! Knitting projects, stuffed toys, photographs, coffee mugs, musical instruments and paper strewn everywhere!!  Despite the chaos, I bet she can lay her hand to anything needed :-)

Dave and I have not lain idle, we have caught up on paperwork, the household budget ( sorely needed), the top part of the house has had a jolly good clean and I even managed some baking for the kids lunches at holiday club:

 Pizza Pinwheels ~ the savoury version of cheese and tomato.

The sweet version ~ peanut butter and chocolate spread.

Tomorrow we are off to Cumbria to visit Kathryn and Mary Grace, so no doubt there'll be plenty of pics of the little one.

Tootles, San x 


Thursday, 14 August 2014

One Hundred Happy Days

At the beginning of April I decided to take part in the One Hundred Happy Days Challenge.  It was a case of having to as I could feel myself sliding into black dog days of despair and I really did not want a repeat of last year.  I uploaded my images on instagram with the title #100happydays.

I snapped all sorts of images as I looked for the happy moments in each day, sometimes those glimmers were hard to find but perseverance won through and as the project progressed I could feel my mood shifting and a smile appeared on my face.  The difficulties within the family and the daily challenges did not disappear, but my attitude toward them shifted and I was able to rise above many of them by just looking through that iphone lens.

I am dedicating my happy project to the late Robin Williams, may he rest in peace.

PS If you happen to count all my pictures for the project you will see that there are 82 in total, there were some days I forgot to take a snap and there were some occasions where I was too sick!  Despite this I still feel that I completed the challenge.