Monday, 18 May 2015

And It Continues

Pip has recovered, Benedict started non stop vomiting this afternoon, I feel sick and Dave stumbled into bed with flu like chills and MS hassles as a result.  Here's hoping normal service will resume shortly :-)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bad Luck

They say that bad luck comes in threes, but we've had a double dose this week :-)

On Monday as I was heading out to a hospital appointment with Benedict, one of the  valves blew on my car and so I limped home with a flat tyre and a cancelled appointment.

On Tuesday a "Trojan" by-passed our anti virus software and infected the computer and just like the gardeners nemesis, "convulvulus" it grew until there were over 1800 articles causing mayhem on the system.  It is still not completely right and I am currently typing on Sara's old computer, which we found in the caravan :-)

On Wednesday, Pip whilst changing out of her school uniform, knocked the iphone clean out of my hand and it went kapput, it is now on its way to the insurance assessors to see if it can be repaired or needs replacing.

On Thursday I developed an eczema on my legs which I have only ever had when pregnant with Benedict or Pip ... I am definitely not pregnant so I guess my hormones must be currently whacky at the moment.

On Friday the waistband on a pair of jeans rubbed several tiny holes in a brand new top, bought two days previously :-(  I now have to take said jeans back to the shop with the ruined top as proof of damage, the jeans will then be sent for product design testing.  I wouldn't mind but I hardly ever by a new clothes!

On Saturday Pip suddenly began with stomach flu and is currently in bed as I type. The house is very peaceful as in the kids are not scrapping but what a way to garner peace and quiet eh?!

I am off now to catch up with friends in the blogosphere and to sit with my knitting.  Here's hoping for a better week ;-)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hope and Loss

Lisa Copen shared about this group on the invisible illness facebook page and I decided to join in.  Each day is accompanied by a prompt and the interpretations are as varied as the differing illnesses and difficulties faced by those of us within the group.  We are refusing to be disempowered by pain or a set of symptoms and the sense of community even in such a short space of time is tangible.  Here are my responses from yesterday which was the start date and today, my hope is that they will be a blessing to anyone who might drop by and read :-)

 Hope ~ This book reconnects me with the island in my memory.

Lindisfarne in Northumbria is one of those sacred places and despite the howling winds and the storm tossed sea, there was a peace in my heart that, I am not alone and all will be well:

"For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future" Jeremiah 29 v 11

 Loss ~ I am a graduate from the university of life.

  This bear represents not only my loss in being unable to complete my degree course but for those precious family moments where I am conspicuous by my absence ~ kids birthdays, special church occasions, the first day of school, dance recitals and school pantomimes.  After a while the kids stopped asking or expecting me to show up.  Chronic illness runs to its own particular timetable.
Inspite of those lost years I refuse to dwell on the what ifs and should have beens and a quote that I read today sums it up beautifully:

"What lies behind and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

If you are having a bad day today, take strength from what constitues the core of your being x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Spring Break Snapshots

Pip finally returned to school this week after a two week Easter break.  We have had a busy time and managed to accomplish a variety of activities despite ongoing health problems.

 Pip and Benedict attended two full days at the local Mad Science event.  They had a great time, learned loads and enjoyed being around the other kids.

 When Pip attended an Easter camp at a local church with my friend Sallie, Benedict and Roland had a back garden camp, complete with fire bowl and provisions provided by mum!

 I finally took part in an art assignment  My friend Meg using the assembly line art challenge as a chance to organise a live google hang out on drawing a mandala.  The time chosen would have meant my getting up at 2am!  So I joined in a few hours late and Meg very kindly linked my work on her tumblr page.

 From Friday to Sunday there were only three of us at home as Pip went to stop with big sister Kathryn and Mary.  On the return journey home we stopped off for a yummy iced treat :-)

 Pip won a local easter egg competition organised by a local supermarket and linked in via her rainbow unit.

 Pip's treat that she shared with the rest of us!

 When it was time to collect Pip I met Kath and Mary at a half way point.  Sara and Tom joined us and we enjoyed coffee, cake and a play in the park. We even saw the helicopter in the background, take off as part of a scheduled service in the lake district.

 Would you believe it!  The shop is almost up and running.  Dave and Benedict were busy today uploading pictures and descriptions.

 A friend turns fifty on Friday so I made her a bag as a treat.  It is made from two pairs of old jeans, an assortment of odds and ends and a whole heap of non stop sewing!

 Beach huts and bunting.

 For some reason picasa and blogger were being awkward with this picture!  This quote from St Columbas forms part of the internal pocket of the bag.

Hoping to be popping in a bit more regularly, now that we have settled back into out "normal" routine :-)

Monday, 30 March 2015

The Kindness Of Kids

We have still been working on thinking about others and blessing folks where we can; however the last few days of the 40 Acts series have been more difficult to implement and I didn't manage any last week due to the icon workshop.  Benedict and Pip have taken the challenges to heart and so I thought I'd post some of their independent efforts here:

 A pop up cafe.

 Only a Lego mad kid could work out his own unique way of apologising and the really cool thing is that the pieces were all interlocking :-)

 A chocolate treat for Mother's Day on Laetare Sunday, which marked the midway point in Lent.  I cannot believe we are now in Holy Week.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Icon Workshop

Just over a week ago I spent a precious three days in the icon studio and was blessed in so many ways:

 Peter helping Brenda with her icon.

 Sr Mary Stella working on her icon in the far corner.

 Peter demonstrating how to work with gold leaf on Jan's icon.

 My St Michael almost finished.  I have to paint in his staff and add more definition to his hair. 

 I am very pleased with him and my progress as he is only the second icon I have completed.  Since I was unable to attend the first two days of the course, I did not guild the background or the halo of my image, instead I used another perfectly acceptable method of floating the paint on to the board, thus adding depth and definition.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Beatrix Potter

We have had another round of very busy days, so I thought I would start with today's main event and hopefully I will add the others at some point!

We kept our trip out a secret and only told the kids once we were on our way.  Sara and Tom had arranged to meet us in Kendal and it was here that we deposited Benedict.  They had lunch and then spent the afternoon at Games Workshop painting figures and watching other kids play role playing board games.  Benedict met another few lads his own age and they had a great time chatting about various interests.

Whilst the three of them were occupied we took the opportunity to take Pip to the Beatrix Potter Museum in the lake district.  The last time we were here Pip was only this big  She enjoyed following the trail but I definitely think there was something magical about taking her when she was a lot smaller.  Regardless we did actually manage a trip out of the house, other than visiting people's houses and that was certainly an achievement!

 "Hey, mum I'm taller than Peter now!"

 Straight from the oven gluten free seeded rolls and a yummy cream of tomato and sweet potato soup.

 Decaff lattes, one chocolate brownie and one berry and almond slice, both gluten free.

 Filling in the first box on the quiz.

 Peter Rabbit and a cheeky robin.

 Neat Writing.

 A blurry picture of Dave deftly hiding his walking stick ... "I don't need a walking aid!"  Who is he trying to con?!

 Gorgeous colour on a very wet, dark and windy day.

 Pip watching Mrs Tiggywinkle hanging the washing to dry.

 The old lady herself.

 Looks like Peter is receiving a scolding from his mother!

 Peter's nemesis, Mr MacGregor!

We had an extra passenger in our car on the way home, a very large Peter Rabbit!  I wonder what Mary Grace will think of him when she next visits!