Saturday, 12 July 2014

Picnic Breakfast :: Tully's Tea Room :: Lovely Lunch

Pip was up bright and early at 5:30 am so by 6:00 am we were having a bagel breakfast and a cup of tea on our bed :

After her second breakfast at 9:00 am of crackers and boiled egg  both her and I sallied forth into the village for some extra provisions for lunch.  We made our way up the hill and popped into the local RSPCA charity shop where Pip bought a story book for 20p.

 Hugging a pot pooch!

 We then made our way up the hill ...

... past Vera's Flat, and on up to the Co-op shop for courgettes, pesto and refuse sacks before making our way back down to...

 Tully's Tea Room and Health Food Shop

 Once inside Pip chose a lemonade, I had a cup of tea and we shared some gluten free ginger biscuits as I am still feeling nauseous from this virus:

 The tiny tea area was seated at the back of the shop and was totally cosy and cute.  There was a magazine rack of interesting reads and whilst I sat and flipped through one of them, Pip was leafing through her new book:

 " Argh, you taking pictures again mama!"

 Pip's lemonade and our shared biscuits.

 My tea in a bone china cup.

Once home I made a start on the lunch ~ peppers and courgettes stuffed with breadcrumbs, garlic, sundried tomatoes, courgette flesh and pesto and topped with somerset brie cheese.  This was served with a baby leaf spinach salad and a yummy treat it was too.  Afterwards we shared a bowl of fruit salad.

We had hoped to venture forth on a trip round the village with Dave using Uncle Bernard's mobility scooter but the rising temperatures had affected Dave's already poor walking and the early morning start had also caught up with me and so we pottered around at home.  The kids made a den using a sheet and a few chairs, we read stories, drew pictures and I even managed a row or two of knitting in between some zzzzz's!

We have met several of our neighbours who are very kind and welcoming and the cleaner came today to pick up her phone and we had a long chat with her.  Apparantly the previous holiday folk had left the house in a terrible state and she had to draft in help to get through the work yesterday.  It was a good job we were running late and had not turned up at three o'clock as stated. In fact as we arrived just after five o'clock yesterday she had in fact just finished only minutes earlier!!

We did manage a river walk and play ground trip after tea and now both kids are sleeping peacefully ~ I am just about to follow suit, after all I could be in for another early start! x 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Tulip Cottage

It was very much a case of!  Not the booking of this cottage, but my organising all the associated packing and sorting pertinent to a holiday.  We were up until midnight last night and then I was awake at six this morning.  As I suspected, I was starting with a virus, not a great prospect at the start of a holiday.  Thankfully our homeopath came up with a remedy which I took hourly for three doses and then staggered throughout the day.  I am not fully fit but my symptoms are bearable, thank God!

The journey went well and we broke our journey at a half way point for a coffee and loo stop at Tesco in Hexham.  We had thought to make a stop at the Abbey but since we were later than planned leaving home, it made sense to keep our visit short.  We were also able to pick up some much needed fresh groceries to supplement the dried goods brought from home.

We haven't however been without some interesting moments during the course of the day:

We hadn't got far from home and upon entering the lane designated for the motorway junction, an ambulance needed access into our lane, no other cars were moving and I did my best to pull to one side.  Upon arriving into our destination of Rothbury, I for some reason looked down at the front bumper on the car and it has a multiple scratches all along the passenger side :-(

I was really struggling to drive and at one point narrowly missed hitting a crash barrier at the side of the road ~ time for Dave to take over.  

The heat is affecting Dave and the MS symptoms and driving has been painful for me due to a trapped nerve in my back, ouch!

Once again the car parking space for the cottage is no where near the cottage!!  It was very interesting ferrying all our stuff into the house :-)

We found a mobile phone on the bench in the courtyard and so have left a text message with the cottage owner to let them know.  It turns out that the phone actually belongs to the cleaner!  As I was messaging the owner, her number came up on the lost phone!!

I dropped a bottle of wine as I was extracating myself from the passenger seat of the car!  Dave rang the co-operative shop where the item was bought and they will replace it free of charge :-)

Despite these tiny hiccups, we have all settled in nicely and were seranaded whilst eating our tea in the courtyard:


 On the front gate.

 The courtyard.

 The basement games room!

 Pool and table football.

Utility room off the games room ... luxury!

 Downstairs bedroom going begging, who's coming to stay?!!

Downtairs family bathroom.

 Family lounge and dining room.

 Kitchen off the lounge, left hand side.


Right hand side ~ look at all those cupboards!
  The crockery even has room too, no trawling into the dining room for items!  This kitchen is not much bigger than ours at home, but since it doesn't have a back door to accomodate, that is where the extra space is gained.

 Our bedroom.

 Cute en-suite bathroom which is not much smaller than our family bathroom at home!

View from our bedroom window.

The kids bedroom is a good size and accomates a bunk bed (which is a double on the bottom and a single on top) and a single on the opposite side of the room. The kids love it!

Well I had better close as I need to work out what we are going to do tomorrow.  Dave is having fun actually watching TV!  The Beatles, "It's a hard days night!"  Re- living his youth interests!

Night, night xx


Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Seven Days Catch Up

Pip recovered enough for Debs and I to visit woolfest.   We had a fab day, looking at and occasionally hugging the yarns!  We met with a group of ravelers   some of whom were local to us and thanks to Debs taking along one of my handmade project bags I "bagged" another sale!  That makes two so far, just in case you were thinking I was well on my way to making my first million!!

  In addition to purchasing some yarn, I bought a yarn dyeing beginners kit, a book on hand dyeing and some undyed wool.  A few summers ago I had a bash at dyeing some yarn using food colouring and apart from being a whole heap of fun, it was interesting to see the colour combinations forming as the yarn steeped in the basin.  My interest now is another way of providing something handmade in the shop which does not require me being welded to a sewing machine day after day.  In order to match any competitors I am basically working for peanuts and for very long hours too, often way past midnight and this is now taking a toil on my health.  Yarn dyeing is a fairly easy way of making a unique product without taking up too much time, so some colour therapy is the order of the day over the next few weeks.

On Monday we had a trip to Blackpool for an educational assessment for Benedict.  He worked through a series of tests in the morning and afternoon with a break for lunch.  His assessor was a lovely, gentle teacher who was encouraging and caring.  We are still awaiting her report but she initmated that,  dyscalculia is indicated as well as one or two other issues.  It is a relief to know that his difficulties are not due to my incompetent teaching or his unwillingness to learn!  I am sure we will be using and paying for her input during this next school year, so that we can support Benedict in the best way possible.

After swimming and tea on Tuesday we had a visit from Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan and we picked our redcurrants.  This year we picked 18lbs and 7oz!  Plenty of Jam for us and some spare to share, Benedict has labelled the first batch with minecraft stickers!

I cannot remember what happened on Wednesday but on Thursday Dave had his physio appointment in Edinburgh, Benedict had a swim session with Shein and Pip was as usual at school.  I worked in the loft room finishing some rabbits and embellishing a t-shirt for Pip with a cupcake design.  The kids were great helping around the house with chores and tea:

The felt withstood a wool wash in the machine and the ribbon trim kept its shape too.  I might offer something similar in the shop, as it is an easy way of individualising an otherwise plain t-shirt.

On Friday Benedict had another swim session, his third of the week and needless to say his water confidence has improved immeasureably.  It is such an encouragment to see him coming away from those sessions with a smile on his face.

Today has been gloriously sunny and a good job too as Pip and her fellow rainbows had a pirate day in Silverdale.  All day yesterday and through the night it rained, hard but the ground was dry by ten this morning and she had a fab time with her troop.  

 Raring to go and at the end...

... Pirate Pip completely pooped!  Priceless!

Well that is me caught up and now off to bed x 


Friday, 27 June 2014

What A Day!

I finally managed around four hours sleep before a wake up call from the kids.  The middle of the night duty was productive though, I made sandwiches for our lunches and generally finished some tidying and sorting.  As a result despite being absolutely exhausted we were out if the door in good time for Dave's appointment. 

 No sooner had I sat down in the neurology department I had an urgent call from school informing me that they would be taking Pip to the Royal Infirmary Hospital as she had suddenly deteriorated and needed checking over immediately!  She had complained of a headache earlier in the school day, but had been violently sick, was unable to walk and her temperature had shot through the roof!  Thankfully Dave was first in the queue and so it wasn't long before we made the twenty minute journey to the hospital.  My heart was in my mouth when I arrived at the accident and emergency department as I was not sure what to expect, thankfully all was well.  Her temperature had stabilised and although still being sick she was much more lucid.  A kindly nurse carried her to the door and she was asleep by the time we arrived home.  

In amongst all of the health chaos, I joined forces with other folk around the web and we badgered the home office, MP's, Kenyan Airways and anyone that would listen and at the last moment the proposed deportation was stopped!  This news really made my day!  Power to the people! 

Here's hoping for an uneventful night! 

The Night Shift

It's been a while since I did one of these!  Benedict has had five hypos in the last twelve hours and the last two have been in quick succession very late on in the evening, hence my still being up at 1am!  Bless him, he was ever so good as I had to wake him twice to treat the crashing lows.  Looking back on the evening though, it was unusual for him to sleep walk twice in quick succession and I am now thinking that his bloods dropping must have caused the extra bout of moving around.  Benedict often sleep walks but never more than once in a night, how on earth he has not fallen down the stairs is beyond me!

Despite the hiccups today, we have had a pretty good week, the highlight being our St John's Day tea in the garden with friends, followed by rosary prayers later on in the evening.  Benedict did all the catering: 

Leek, Courgette and Potato Soup

Glamorgan Sausages, Baked Potatoes and Greens

Honey and Almond Cake, served with Strawberries and Cream

The food was five star and thoroughly enjoyed by all:


 Cheeky Dad!

 Aunty Maureen.

 Uncle Bryan.

After dinner coffee and chat.

Benedict and Pip both had their swimming lessons on Tuesday and Benedict also had an extra swim session with Shein this morning instead of the usual maths lessons.  He really enjoyed his time in the pool and his confidence is growing.  I have said that I will tag along to some of his extra sessions with his swim teacher Gemma.  I can swim but I lack confidence in the pool and the last time I went swimming was when I was pregnant with Benedict!

  For various reasons I did not learn to swim until late primary and when I began high school education, I had a nasty accident in the deep end and hated swimming lessons from that moment on.  Once swimming lessons were no longer compulsory with the school, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. As a result of my bad experience, I always made sure that all the older girls could swim quite confidently before they attended compulsory lessons in school.  Benedict was attending lessons quite regularly up until last year, but with all the chaos with Kath's pregnancy, my Dad's heart attack/surgery and a worsening of Dave's health, the lessons fizzled out; still we are back on track and that is all that matters.

Pip is tired again and she is ready for the summer break I think.  We had a hilarious start to the morning ~ it was half past seven and Little Miss PJ was sleeping soundly, which on most days is unheard of!  Dave went in to gently wake her and her loud reposte was a peach:


Such a shame it was not a Saturday morning :-)

Today I managed to clean and de-clutter the upstairs of the house and keep on top of the laundry.  After tea I worked in the loft room for a short while, made packed lunches for later today(!) as Dave has a neurology appointment in Preston, covered the diabetic watch and wrote an email letter to Theresa May MP regarding the deportation of an elderly woman, I also took part in an online campaign highlighting her cause entitled #AllGransMatter:

 Rabbits in the making.


Time for sleep methinks ~ night, night x 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sun - day

Well I guess it was bound to happen.  After a week of rescuing two bees from the house and wanting them as a pet, it was a case of third time not lucky.  So at 8 am this morning I was woken to the shouts of  "Pip, has been stung by a bee!" 

 Dave was already on the case and soaking her hand in vinegar and  aside from falling out of bed in a daze, I sent Benedict downstairs with lavender oil and then began hunting out the homeopathic remedy, Apis.  Within forty five minutes the combination remedies had worked, and a make do ice pack was working on a significant swelling, good job she was not wearing a ring!

 Hugging snowy and an ice pack to relieve the swelling.

 I think she had been stung at the top, where she wanted a plaster placing but the swelling travelled down her finger and the base was incredibly hot and swollen.  She was very brave and this has not quashed her desire to keep bees when she is older!  She reminds me so much of Sara!

We have spent the entire day outdoors. eating meals, airing the washing, reading, knitting and painting.  It has been ages since both the kids decided to paint together; they found some sun coloured paint and worked on an old piece of wooden crate packing to celebrate the official start to summer:

 Making a start.

 Lots of lovely red.

 More Red.

 "Oops, I have splashed Pip with some of my red!"

 Adding Yellow.

 "I'm watching you!"


 Going Solo.


Once the painting things had been tidied, washed and left to dry.  Benedict had fun discovering his old trike from when he was small.  This led to a discussion about clowns in the circus!

 "Look Ma, I can still ride this!!"

Happy Smiles!

Pip also wanted to join in some circus fun, so out came the face paints and a beautiful ...

... butterfly emerged.

Well ,despite living outdoors today the house is still crazily chaotic so I am now off to do a mammoth tidy up before bed :-)