Friday, 18 November 2011

End Of Week Round Up

I had hoped to post each day but by the time I could sit down after tea I was just too darned tired!!  So here is the remainder of the week as it occurred:

On Tuesday and Wednesday Nanna and Grandad came to visit.  Grandad helped Dad build a gate at the side of the house to prevent Pip from escaping into the main garden and causing havoc amongst the mud and tree cuttings.  Nanna helped prune the trees at the back of the greenhouse as well as the redcurrant bushes running along the side fence.

"Hey Mum, you're on candid camera!"

Mum found this lone croc strewn into the redcurrant bushes, no prizes for guessing which young man was responsible for such a thing.  He definitely takes after his god father, Cannon Luiz Ruscillo who used to "welly wang".  Welly wanging is a lazy way of putting the wellies away at the end of the day; instead of placing them into the shed they were thrown from a vantage point in the hope they would land in the desired spot.  On most occasions he was lucky until the time came when said welly landed in the pond and he had to "fess up" to his mum and dad!!  Still, he turned out OK!

 Pip helping Grandad.

The finished result.

Pip playing in her new fenced off area this morning which meant I could potter in the kitchen uninterrupted.  A win/win situation.

On Thursday I packed an impromptu picnic and we met Sara for lunch at college since she was on a half day.  We were blessed with glorious weather and the fresh air was a welcome tonic for Benedict who has been coughing none stop since Tuesday.

Benedict and Sara tucking in.  We had peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and apricot scones.  Orange juice and coffee were the beverages for the day.  After lunch we took a walk in the grounds within our immediate vicinity:

 This is the tree that the "Arb" guys practice for climbing.

Fungi in the shade.

 Autumn foliage.

Our next stop on the way home was a trip to Barton Grange.  They had the Christmas display up and running and true to form I had left the camera in the car, so I made do with my phone camera and here are the pictures from our visit:

This Grinch model actually moved and the screen at the back was running the film.

Benedict trying on hats in the ladies department!

Needless to say there was plenty to see and do and for the first time in ages we actually stuck to our shopping list.   Sara summed up the visit remarking, "Hey Mum, we actually avoided the cafe this time!!"

I'm off tomorrow on my once a month jaunt to "Make and Cake", it is my time to switch off from the constant cares and worries of multiple health problems and to just "be".  I'll be taking my camera and knitting with me and I don't in the least bit feel guilty... I've been very organised for once and have made both meals for tomorrow:  Vegetable soup for lunch and Swiss Chard/ Courgettes in a cheese sauce to be served with brown rice and salad, for tea.



  1. what a wonderful end of week. i loved seeing the places you visited. the fence looks good . . and the picnic looked like fun. what college does your daughter attend? it's nice to be able to visit so easily.

    have a relaxing weekend. it's great to have everything taken care of at home so you don't have to worry. xoxo

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend. How wonderful to have so much family around and enjoying precious time together. Love your boy wearing the hat, gorgeous. Hope you feel fully rejuvenated after your little break away.

  3. Lovely pictures, San. Is the Grinch really popular in England?

  4. Eva - the Grinch came out when Sara was small but it is a popular film and it was great to see the working model.

    Thanks ladies for your kind comments.

    San xx

  5. Lovely photos of your week San. Hope you enjoyed your time away from it all - and that Benedict;s cough is gone. j has been coughing for days now. xxx


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