Wednesday, 14 December 2011

DPP Day Fourteen and Yarn Along

Joining Ginny once again for this week's yarn along.  My current make is :

Birthday knitting for an almost three year old and her special friend.

  The last time I knit from these patterns was when Emma and Kathryn were small, so almost twenty years ago, ack!  These patterns are nearly vintage as they were gifted to me by my mum who patiently and secretly knit for my dolls every Christmas when I was small.  So another bit of history repeating itself through the generations.

I'm currently reading:

a Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Monitor on an all to frequent basis both day and night and if I'm really lucky I might manage the evening prayers from the Divine Office!  Sense of humour still just about intact!!

Go join in the fun at 

Advent Blessings San x


  1. those sweaters are precious. my little gal does not have a history of playing with dolls...but she is getting one for christmas so that might change!


  2. the birthday knitting is beautiful! what a wonderful tradition to carry on. you have a lucky little girl :)

    (twenty years is a long time, but how did they go so fast, then?!)

    wishing you more stable and quiet days when you don't need to read a glucose monitor. hugs.

  3. hello san, i hope you've been quiet because you've been busy having a fun holiday time . . all of us have been enjoying our london advent calendar. hope you have been too. i can't believe all those ornaments that have suddenly appeared on it. i sometimes wish i could buy some time and return to december 1st!

    sending you love and hugs, dorina.

  4. That looks so pretty. My grandmother used to sew dresses for my doll. I still a have some of them. The other grandmother even made me a doll. Happy memories. My mother didn't do anything like that, but I have made a few clothes for our dolls. Last year I made a nightgown for Veronika's new doll. That was one of those late at night projects.


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