Sunday, 4 December 2011

DPP Day Four - Croup and Crafting

After having suspended the pump for five hours last night, as Benedict experienced his third hypo pf the day prior to bedtime, I finally crawled into bed a 01:45am... only to be back out by 2:00am!  There was that familiar rasping, barking seal cough coming from next door and I was under no illusions as to the cause. 

Poor Pip!  We were running very hot water in the bathroom at 2:15am for steam inhalation and downstairs by 3:00am stoking the wood burner and drinking tea.  Dave was very kind he took over at 4:00 am so that I could get some sleep and the two of them watched the "Tailor of Gloucester" and eventually nodded on the settee for an hour between 5:00 and 6:00am.  Needless to say by lunchtime littlest one was flagging and settled for an afternoon nap on the settee:


After a late lunch Pip rallied and I decided fresh air was a much needed tonic, so I wrapped them both up warm and they had fun playing outside on the slide, the scooters and messing around with containers and bits of wood.  A warm drink of cocoa was a welcome warmer and in between attempting to make a red onion tart we made some paper snowflakes for the upstairs window:

Concentrating hard, cutting the circles to fit the old CD's.

Pip doing her own thing and this time my shirt was left untouched!

My snowflake.

At one point the dining room floor was littered with silver glitter and paper cuttings, one would be forgiven for thinking that, a mini snowstorm had in fact occurred!  Thank goodness for a dustpan and brush!

I have relative peace at this end, Benedict still awake but reading so I'm off to sit by the fire before putting little man to bed.  We are enjoying our nightly read aloud of "Little House on The Prairie".

Advent Blessings San x

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  1. Dear me! Now I have to send you a good night without interruptions wish! I hope that the croup won't repeat itself! Peter is coughing tonight, but nothing like what you experiences. Lovely snowflake!


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