Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Afternoon Tea at The Midand Hotel...

... on the feast of St Lucia.  We didn't manage any of my at home activities associated with the feast but we did manage a celebration of sorts!  I'd mentioned a visit to this place earlier in the month and this treat was Sara's Christmas gift to the family.  After all the adults in the family have no real need of anything... apart from health and that you cannot buy, LOL!  The littles in the family have just the right amount of stuff and so this seemed a great idea for some family time.

We wore our smartest... some of us donned  twinkly party dresses and sparkly earrings, mum and dad attempted to raise a smile and littlest man had to be coerced into wearing smart trousers and the whole experience was akin to teeth pulling.  For sure there is NO chance of me earning a halo anytime soon!

Here are our pictures from the visit:

Entrance Foyer.

Spiral stairs above the foyer.

Close up of the ceiling.

Christmas Tree at the  bottom of the stairs.

Tree Decoration.

Winding round and round.

Our table and the view across the bay.

Dad enjoying five minutes peace!

Front cover of the menu.

Inside menu.

Pip fascinated by the views.

Benedict sharing a joke with the waiter.

Pip enjoying her apple juice.

View from the window.

Our Tea.

Cakes and Pastries freshly made.

We finished our tea just as the light was fading.

Advent Blessings San x

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