Friday, 9 December 2011

DPP - Days Seven, Eight and Nine!

Sickness has dominated this past week and I think Pip is slowly on the mend. We remembered to take pictures but did not have the time or the energy to upload, so here they are in order:

 This installment was meant for Ginny's yarn along, ah well.  One slouchy beret finished,but to coin a Pip phrase, "I don't yike it!"  It's a wonderful pattern and the wool is just gorgeous, but this hat is not me, so " a frogging we will go..."

Duplo building with Pip... a rare twenty minutes when she felt well enough to "do" something.

Self directed learning.

Working drawbridge.

 Aerial shot.

This Lego design was inspired by the reading of our literature choice for this week: "The Squire and the Scroll - A Tale Of The Reward Of A Pure Heart" by Jennie Bishop. After choosing our narration and accompanied drawing,this piece of three dimensional art was the result.

Today Benedict, Pip and Dad completed a geography survey for our immediate locality and after then running some errands they stopped at one of their favourite drinking venues to partake of some well deserved refreshment. 

 Black Forest Hot Chocolate.

I on the other hand enjoyed two hours of peace and quiet!  I made spiced braised red cabbage to accompany our cottage pie bake for lunch, tidied around and spent an hour by the fire knitting.  Lovely!


  1. (hugs) Glad you're all feeling a little better, mama.

  2. Hi, Hope you are all feeling better now, buddhamum. x

  3. an hour spent knitting by the fire is heaven! and i think the hat looks nice . . ! and what a magnificent lego castle . . ar ar ar matey!

    i send all of you wishes to continue getting well :)

  4. Dear San,

    I love your hat!

    I have a question for you. You used to have a link to a site by a woman who went through an old (out-of-print) book for women and commented on each chapter. I thought I had bookmarked the site and later the book, but I cannot find it anymore. It was one of these protestant sites (kind of Titus 2 like). I don't see it on your blog anymore. I thought it was there in connection with the "A Year in Skirts" blog. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? I know it's not very precise. It was a lady who was probably our age or older with maybe five children. She had a picture of her and her husband on her blog I think.

  5. I found it! You don't have to look for it and can discard my last comment if you wish. Happy third of Advent to all of you. The children LOVE the Lawson Advent calendar, by the way, especially Veronika. They discover new details on the London picture every day. Thank you so much again.

  6. I'm curious about the link now so will have to check if you've added the details to your side bar! Glad the kids like the advent treat.

    San xx

  7. The link is under my blogs on the right, called "Always Learning." She has a link to a free book called "Secrets of Fascinating Womanhood." If you are interested, I'll send you the link to the book.


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