Monday, 19 December 2011

Peppermint Bark and The Santa Special

Sara and I spent Friday afternoon making peppermint bark, a delicious concoction of dark and white chocolate, cream, peppermint extract and crushed candy canes.  We couldn't get hold of said canes when in town that morning, so good old fashioned mint flavoured rock came in handy!

Totally Moreish!

The link for this delicacy can be found on this website:
On Saturday Dave and the three at home kids including youngest-eldest daughter braved the wind and ice to partake in a yearly tradition:

That big man in the red and white coat appeared with some jolly helpers and gifts were distributed:

 A waggling wooden dinosaur for Pip, who was a bit bemused by it all!

 A stacking game for Benedict.

The fun was shared with two special friends and a great time was had by all:

Whilst they were chugging along I was appreciating the peace and quiet at home.  I've been out of sorts these past few days and the at home time was just what I needed.

We visited some extra special friends yesterday and today included a morning of errands.  Whilst finishing some shopping for Pip's birthday cake... ack!  that gal is three years old on Friday, I enjoyed the carol singing courtesy of staff working in the supermarket.  I shopped and quietly hummed along.

There are still presents to wrap, mince pies and birthday cake to make, last minute bits to buy, knitting to finish and food to cook.  I'm sure what needs to be done, will be done and the rest will just have to wait!
Advent Blessings San x


  1. What a nice train ride. There is a train here in the area that does a similar program, but we have never tried it. Maybe next year. Does Pip look a little bit afraid?

  2. hello san, the train looks like fun, but i agree with eva, pip looks a bit worried!

    oh, you have so much to do with pip's birthday on top of THE birthday! i agree, things will just have to fall into place and what's done is done, and what's not is not. her birthday falls on little julaften, little christmas eve. it's a holiday my brother-in-law's family (from norway) always celebrates. we'll think of you when we make our annual trip to little italy for pastry at ferrara's cafe :)

    i'm glad you had some quiet time. and the peppermint bark looks superb! blessings to all of you.

  3. Yes, I think she was a little bit bothered, it was very noisy. I think once Santa had moved on to the next carriage she was fine.

  4. I made that peppermint bark yesterday - it is just the most delicious thing....
    I am now at the stage of almost relinquishing control of all the preparations and letting it flow. As you say, it will get done or not. Hope you have a great day on Friday. Love and blessings xxx

  5. i so wanted to make peppermint bark this year, but couldn't for the life of me find any candy canes - I never thought about rock, ah well maybe next year. Hope you manage to get it all done in time. I've finished both my dolls now, and will be spending a day sewing up some clothes for them. Won't be long now. x Lorna x


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