Monday, 1 November 2010

Mid Term Round Up

We took a break from our regular activites this week.  We abandoned the workbooks, spelling tests and maths rhymes and spent time with our friends near and far.  It was good for us all to be out of the house, enjoying the sunshine in the brief snatches when it appeared.  Our local park provides a welcome chance to charge around, leap and climb, a much needed boost to flagging spirits and the chance for mum to make the tea uninterupted at home!

Growing up quickly, a soon-to-be two year old, ack!

  I'm having to rethink our home school schedule yet again!  I think there is an underlying math dyslexia, that is hampering Benedict's progress in this area.  To clarify and give advice I've booked a meeting with a specially trained teacher and we meet on Friday.  At the moment we are in ever decreasing circles and that is not good for his self esteem or my sanity!

Since today is the feast of All Hallow's Eve Benedict and I baked some treats for our Sunday afternoon tea:

Mixing and Stirring.

A cheeky Miss Philippa.

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  1. I'm sorry you have to rethink your schedule. Maybe Benedict just needs more time with math (or a break from it). I was a very slow learner in math myself, so slow that I already needed extra help in grade 1.
    By the way, how tall is Philippa? She looks so much taller than Flora. Cute pictures of her.


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