Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Our Family of Saints

Here is the first part of our November liturgical craft:

Each of these beautiful icons represents a family member.

The top two icons Saint Alexandra and Saint David are mine and Dave's patron Saints.  The middle three give you a chance to meet our older girls, so here they are :

St Emilia

St Sarah

Icons for these two gals:

Sara on the left soon to be 21 years and Sr Emma Maria aged 24 years.

St Catherine.

Our very own Katy Beth also 24 years old, taller than her twin but younger by fifteen minutes!

The last two icons are representative of Benedict and Philippa Josephine.  Since Pip is named after her Grandfathers we always knew that her patron Saints would be St Philip and St Joseph, we could not find an icon for St Philip so her other namesake was called in as the reserve!

In other news we have had a fairly low key day, Benedict's blood sugars have been very erratic and as always this leads to poor concentration and fatigue.  This morning we pottered around with household chores and reading some of our library books.  After lunch of homemade broccoli soup and the pumpkin pie which was very yummy, we cleared the table and spent an hour in free form art:

After the art session Benedict helped prepare the vegetables for our evening meal, a good all round family favourite, Cottage Pie.

Another good day despite wacky blood readings, this is only due to the fact that, for the time being we have abandoned a structured curriculum.  If we had been following a curriculum it would have been a very different story, by ten o'clock I would have been red in the face with frustration and Benedict would have been thoroughly miserable, not good!  Thank you Lord for guiding us!


  1. So nice to "meet" your family, San? Do any of your older daughters still live at home? I like the idea with the patron saints. We always have trouble with Miriam and her patron saint. Most books recommend choosing a feast of Mary for her. I think there is a blessed Miriam, though.
    Have you made any other plans for Benedict? Is Oak Meadow not working at all or just certain parts of it?

  2. Sorry, San. I meant to say: So nice to "meet" your family, San!

  3. (hugs) And thankyou for introducing your beautiful children. :)


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