Tuesday, 2 November 2010

All Souls Pray For Us

We attended Mass this morning and I was taught a lesson in patience!  In between attempting to follow the service, I was preventing Pip from climbing up the pews and at the same time giving Benedict answers to his continuous questioning!  I should make it clear that, I'm not an authority on Church Catechises and at times my replies were quite lame!  However God smiled on us later in the day when during our family EWTN time, Fr Antoine of The Community of St John, explained the Mass to children and in this case the parents too!  I still reckon some extra reading from the Catechism would not be amiss.

The mass was quite beautiful with a small selection of appropriate hymns and at the end Father prayed the special prayers usually reserved for reading at the graveside.  The founder of our Church and her family members are buried in a square patch of ground just in front of the church doors, ideally we would have gathered there for prayers but it was teeming with rain, so Father said it was perfectly legit to pray the prayers indoors!  It was also a special day for Dave too as the mass was offered in memory of his Nanna H she would have been 100 years old yesterday.  We are hoping to make a Saints and Souls Wall, as a visual aid to our prayers, for deceased family members during the month of November.

After Mass we ran errands and then it was time for lunch.  The plan for the afternoon whilst I was at an acupuncture appointment was for Benedict to read more of his book entitled "Fighter Pilot" and also draw a picture of the Spitfire Plane on the front cover of the book.  He worked hard and both him and I were pleased with the result.

As part of our evening meal we made use of the pumpkin flesh from our jack-o-lantern and made a  Pumpkin Pie.  Here in the UK we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, the nearest we get to it  is a Harvest Festival!  Needless to say pumpkin pie recipes are non existent, so when you need a good recipe who do you go to?  Good old Martha of course and naturally there were over 70 recipes to choose from.  In the end I settled for a traditional recipe and I must say it looks and smells good.  The advice was to leave it in the fridge overnight ,so we will have to wait for our taste test until tomorrow.

Thanks be to God another happy and productive day.

Benedict's Spitfire Drawing.

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  1. That's a very intricate plane! Your pumpkins must be different. When we scoop out the pumpkins, we only take the seeds. If you scooped out the flesh, the whole pumpkin would collapse. Do your pumpkins have thick "walls?"


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