Friday, 26 November 2010

An Angel To Guide You

If  you are ever in doubt about the presence of an Angel to guide you, then this account might make you think:
After having slept soundly the past two nights, Philippa decided to rouse us all from deep slumber with shouting and hollering at the ungodly hour of  2:00 am.  No chance of burying one’s head under the pillow and pretending it is all but a dream, this gal needed attention and quick!  Dad went in to reassure and calm her and as he was doing so, little man was shouting from his bedroom that, he was having a hypo!  Mum’s turn to be on duty and dispatch jelly babies and assorted snacks to alleviate the situation.  We all finally settled an hour or so later.
Some hours later after having eaten breakfast we had time to ponder on the night times events and it was only then, that we realised how vital it had been that Miss P had actually woken.  After all, if she had slept we all would have slept and instead of sharing breakfast together as we regularly do, we would have been calling the paramedics for sure Little Man would have been unconscious.  Both of the children’s Guardian Angels were working overtime last night and for that I am extremely grateful.
For He will give His angels especial charge over you to accompany and defend and preserve you in all your ways.
Psalm 91 v 11

“Angels are delicate creatures.  You can’t grab hold of them.  They come unexpectedly.  You must lay yourself open to them so that you can meet them.  Angels come soft footed”
Angels of Grace – Anselm Grun.

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