Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It's a Bug's Life

As part of our nature science this week we are looking at the environment of the ant.  We are fortunate to have nearby a wildlife centre housing a whole variety of mammals, fish and mini beasts; so yesterday we ventured North as part of our Tuesday field trip day.  We saw meerkats, degu, dwarf mongoose, monkeys, birds, squirrels, cavy, bugs, butterflies and snakes.  Pip's favourite was the dwarf mongoose she was fascinated by them.  Benedict enjoyed looking at them all but I think the new adventure play space won hands down!

Today our written work centred around yesterday's trip.  After writing a short account of our visit Benedict then drew a picture of one of the meerkats and their environment.  In addition to our times table work we have been working on telling the time, Benedict filled in a printed sheet of activities and there corresponding times.  Our final task for the morning was our weekly spelling list.

After lunch Benedict watched Bug's Life  in the hope that it will give him some clues pertaining to the environment of the ant and other related insects.  Hopefully we will be continuing the topic on our next official work day which is Friday.  I must admit we are all feeling pretty jaded at this end, both Benedict and Pip are weary with minor colds and coughs and not sleeping too well.  Naturally all of this adds up to crabby behaviour and poor concentration, good job we are on a non teaching day tomorrow!

Here are the pictures of our trip:


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  1. It's always so much more interesting to see real animals than just to study animals from a book. I hope that your colds will improve. Have you tried cod liver oil for the colder season? I have to order ours soon, it always seems to strengthen our immune system.
    Have a relaxing weekend!


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