Friday, 26 November 2010

Every Picture Tells A Story

Or not as the case may be!  As a result of creepy online behaviour from a previous blog reader I have moved here to blogger.  It has been an interesting learning curve; I have even bigger bags under my eyes as a result of all the extra work and the ironing pile has grown to interesting proportions!  I've discovered grey cells that I did not know existed and my patience and willingness to persevere has been sorely tested.  Grace In The Ordinary?  There has been plenty of opportunity to call on such grace this past week.

Sad to say as a result of the move all the photographs accompanying the blog were erased as a result of the previous site shut down.  My lovely hubby is a techno kid and even he did not realise that each picture had been assigned a specific code for the previous site. So far I've edited 30 posts so only another 150 to go, it's a good job I've never been a daily blogger!

Blessings Sandra  


  1. Glad to found your blog again. I have been reading your old blog in the past and looking forward now to "catching up" again; even better now with moving to blogger as my blog is with blogger so now I will get all your updates on my sidebar. Hopefully with moving your blog you will have peace again and enjoy homelife more. Vanessa xx

  2. Thanks for the kind comments Vanessa, hope life is good with you.
    Sandra x


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