Monday, 1 November 2010

A Happy Feast Day

We have had a blessed Saints Day and I thank God for that.  Benedict helped with food preparation this morning and as a result we had chicken soup for lunch and vegetable curry with mushroom rice for tea.  It was nice for me to have an extra pair of hands in the kitchen and Benedict really enjoyed learning new skills.

After lunch we packed ourselves in the car and paid a long overdue trip to the library.  Dave had errands to run first so Benedict, Pip and I made part of our journey on foot.  It was only a short walk but it was a lovely piece of uninterrupted talking and listening time with Benedict.  Pip was very happy to watch the traffic going by from the comfort of her pushchair!

We brought home a variety of books and during our snack and tea time there was a moment of absolute peace in the house as we all sat reading.  It was good to share that time together.  Our jolly jack-o-lantern finally got an airing during an our evening meal, an appropriate smiley face at the end of a very happy day!

Ready to tuck in!

Happy Feast Day.


  1. What a happy looking jack-o-lantern! My girls also like happy jack-o-lanterns more than fierce looking ones. My son prefers the fierce looking kind, but he always adds a cross at the side.

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