Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Storage Solutions

Yesterday we  had a long overdue visit to our favourite Swedish shop, IKEA.  Our list included a decent sized bookcase for our ever increasing collection of children's books,  a shoe rack for the hallway as I was sick of tripping over the piles of shoes, a book basket for Pip's board books and a three tier shelving system for Benedict's Lego.  We managed to come home with the items on our list plus a warm duvet cover set for Mum and Dad, much needed place mats and a star light for Benedict.  Today has been a building day, most of the work has been undertaken by Dave and Benedict with a modicum of help from Pip!

Many hands make light work!

Miss Philippa flying solo.

This makes a great play cupboard Daddy!

 Shoe storage sorted.

All ready to read.

Pip's basket.

For my part in between laundry and general sorting I made two home cooked meals, for lunch we had:

Greens S'ghetti!

Vegetable mix: a large bag of chard, two small onions and three courgettes, all finely chopped and sauteed in a little oil.  To this  I added a home made cheese sauce and mixed thoroughly.

Since we are gluten free due to coeliac problems I used a brown rice spaghetti and cooked in boiling water until al dente. 

Our evening meal was:

Moussaka with a difference!

The meat and vegetable base consisted of:  two onions, one sweet red pepper, two courgettes, 500g of organic beef mince, one box of sieved tomatoes and one beef stock cube dissolved in a little hot water.  On top of this we added a layer of sliced and fried aubergine.

Instead of the ususal souffle type topping I went with a  vegetable and potato mash mix, this consisted of five small white potatoes, two sweet potatoes and 500 grammes of chopped Brussel sprouts.  Once cooked and drained mash the veg mixture and spread on top of the meat.aubergine layer.  Top with a little grated cheese and brown under the grill.

I think we can safely say that the following subjects have been experienced these past two days:

Map reading, safe  handling of large goods, interpretation of written diagrams, wood work and rudimentary mathematics.  Tick VG Bookworm!

In closing Roo raised several smiles today as she announced the following:

" Dad gone, back soon!"  and my favourite, " No! Mine!!"

A busy and blessed day, thank you Lord.


  1. Found you :) Thanks for the blog comments, lovely to hear from you as always. Of course you can pinch 'my' idea for the wall display, you don't need to link back to me :)
    Love the new storage. Do you know I've NEVER ever been to IKEA!!! Must rectify that situation one day soon - will save up the pennies though as it's just my kind of store.
    Hugs and love to you all.
    Julia x

  2. Oh, San, I'm jealous! I love Ikea, but we have to travel for more than 3 hours to Canada to get to the closest one. How far do you have to go?
    My parents and siblings would always use Ikea to eat lunch at when traveling through Germany. Great food.

  3. Thank goodness for Ikea Bookcases lol! I love your honest, heartfelt, eclectic posts. :)


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