Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Vikings and St Francis.

We've had a mixed bag of learning today.  The day started in a most peculiar way, both kids were up with Sara at five thirty and by seven thirty were back in bed!!  Pip is still recovering from her cough/cold virus and yesterday's crazy blood readings had left Benedict feeling unwell.

By nine thirty Pip was sorted and on her way to Debbie's, she loves visiting and playing with Amy and a selection of new toys.  Today they visited the local park to collect leaves and then she painted two pictures, before being collected just after lunch.

Whilst Pip was out, I sorted the laundry and cooked tonight's evening meal and Benedict read one of his library booksAfter lunch we made a start on some written work.  We read from our Viking history book and completed one of the extension exercises from the BBC primary history site.  Benedict then used an online paint shop link which enabled him to colour in a Viking of his choice.

After snack time he worked on a page of literacy and this week's spelling list.  In addition to this we've shared stories and worked in the kitchen.  The only outstanding item is our sheet on St Francis since this is his feast day today.

Viking work.

 Computer time.

 Some of our reading from today.

Pip "Rabbit" wearing!!


  1. Love the rabbit wearing - so that is why she is so fast on her feet! The Vikings are just so interesting. We went to see the lewis Chessmen and there was a Viking display complete with Viking house and Viking people telling us how they lived - well they had English accents, but still...
    James love the story of St Francis and the doves. xxx

  2. That doll sling is SO cute! :)


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