Saturday, 15 October 2011

Make and Cake

 Food, friendship and fun.

 The round house front view.

 The round house side view.

 View from across the lake.

 Rushing Waters.


 View across the bridge.

 Blowing in the breeze.


 Workshop in progress.


 First attempt at felting.

 The finished result.

 My dear friend Bea proudly holding her finished creation.

I arrived home shortly after five and was greeted to delicious smells wafting from the kitchen... the moussaka I'd made a lunchtime was heated through and ready to serve.  Some of us had gluten free pasta with our meal, the conversation was lively as we shared about our day.  Sara and Pip had a girls afternoon by the seaside and then into town for lunch.  Dave and Benedict pottered around at home.

As usual we had the teatime craziness... it is a regular occurance in our household, I'm sorry to say!  So here are some pics documenting today's madness:

 Spaghetti slurping!



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