Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lessons Learned

Mum - Blogger has a limit on photo uploads and unless you re-size your photos before publishing, you will exceed your limit and be unable to publish further pictures, including editing your header!

Benedict - Is perfectly capable of working independently, given the right circumstances... trouble is I haven't quite worked out the correct mathematical formula for such a thing to occur on a regular basis!  Never mind here is his snap shot of the morning:

Independent work:

Spelling list and ordering words in dictionary format - list incorporates words in their contracted form.

Coloured yesterday's picture of Victoricus and completed the linked narrative writing.

wrote out this week's scripture memory Matthew 1v23

Read a chapter from "Five have a mystery to solve".

Maths - finished yesterday's corrections on fractions and then worked on a series of division word problems.



  1. Yes - this Mummy found that out too!
    What a busy boy - and isn't that a wonderful verse! Blessings xx


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