Monday, 24 October 2011

Snapshot Blessings

Benedict "invested" at Cubs.

 "No paparazzi, mama!"

Pumpkin pie courtesy of Martha.

 Our first trip to the seaside... what on earth did we do all Summer?!

 Happy as a sand boy.

 Pondering the various approaches to trench digging!

 Poignant... gentle weaning.  Pip hasn't nursed for several days now, so when she asked, I replied that boo times have finished now.  She took it in good grace and we hugged, which was lovely.  I'm glad daddy caught this moment on camera, it will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. What a tender moment between you and Pip. Flora still nurses, but only once in the morning and once at night. She hasn't really skipped any nursing session so far. I have never nursed any of my other children for such a long time.

  2. What lovely pictures San ;o) Thinking and praying for you.
    Shirley Ann

  3. we didn't have many beach days this year, either. usually we spend at least a week at my mom and dad's. next year! right? i'm glad you made a pumpkin pie, however. that for me is way ahead of the game! it is time to bake . . it looks delicious!

    oh my goodness . . good-bye to boo or num nums is always bittersweet.


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