Monday, 31 October 2011

Snapshot Blessings and Soul Cakes

Last week was quiet, it was half term break in these parts so I declared our home school recess too.  Truth be told, Benedict's diabetes was causing problems, I'd trapped a nerve in my back and was very tired indeed.  Here are our snapshot blessings of the week:

Kids in the kitchen.

The hob happily singing.

 Cheese grating.

 Pip decided that, somethings are just too good to miss!!

 Fun with friends.

Farmyard cuteness.

Saturday morning sunrise.

Later on Saturday we had a visit from Kath and Steve, as always the kids love their visits.  Steve is really great in keeping the kids entertained and both him and Benedict had a great time pumpkin carving:

Whilst tea was cooking and to counteract cabin fever blues, since it had been raining all day, the kids both big and small watched Madagascar:

On Sunday evening I made some soul cakes and I used the recipe from this site:

I also found this you tube video, where the song pertaining to these cakes is sung:

I first heard this back in 2009 when a documentary was aired about the making of his new CD "Winter Songs".  He originates from the North East of England, so we saw him revisiting his roots, recording with the band in Italy and the live presentation in Durham Cathedral.  It was a very entertaining and moving portrayal of songs old and new.

Today was our first day back at the desk.  Despite a brief moment of reluctance, Benedict soon settled into the rhythm.  We worked on our spellings for the week, fractions in diagram and word format, scripture memory and our new literature read "The Kitchen Knight" by Margaret Hodges.  Benedict is responding well to this curriculum and as always I'm amazed by how much he does remember.  We finished the morning by him working on our narration piece for the day and the accompanied art work.

Whilst he was visiting Tamsin for art therapy, Pip and I pottered around the house and bagged up the soul cakes.  I promised the children they could dress up... we don't do scary in this house so Benedict was a pirate and Pip a flower fairy, complete with her "Ballet Tippers!".

I made over fifty soul cakes and each parcel contained two, so we had quite a lot of visitors between 6-7:30pm.

Peace and quiet reigns in the house save from the ticking of the clock... I'm on late duty with Benedict as his cannula came out before bed and I need to make sure the system is working, before I retire.  So, I'll bid good night and leave you with our lantern face for this year:

Happy Halloween!


  1. mr. pumpkin looks like a pirate too :) we haven't carved ours yet . . i guess i thought i'd pick one up on the way back home from my sister's.

    you had a lovely week . . i love the sunset and family pics. thanks for posting about the soul cakes. they look delicious. i think we may try to make them.

    happy halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween to you also, San. What a lovely post. I have to take a closer look at your video and the soul cakes. I have one book that has a recipe in it for soul cakes, but you have to bake them before All Souls Day while singing hymns! Supposedly that's a British custom.

  3. oops! i mean i love the sunrise picture!


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