Friday, 14 October 2011

Narration Work

First thing Benedict worked on a comprehension sheet question and answer, followed by three digit place value and writing numbers in their expanded form.  After a short break we read from "The life of St Patrick", Benedict then narrated the first four pages back to me and this is what he remembered:

As a young boy Patrick was kept captive by some bad Pirates.

The Pirates took him and sold him as a slave to a sheep farmer, where he tended the flocks in the mountains.

All alone Patrick turned to God and said a hundred prayers each day.  The fire of God filled him and was the warmth in his body.

One night he was told in a dream that he would return to his country and that a ship was waiting for him.

Patrick walked over two hundred miles and God guided his way.

He came to the harbour and was going to board the ship when the captain screamed, " Don't get any ideas into your head boy!"

Patrick prayed and the sailors changed their minds, "Come aboard and we'll take you as you are."

They sailed for three days until they reached the island of Gaul.

The food ran out and the captain said to Patrick, " What have you to say for yourself Christian?  Pray for us!  We are hungry!"

Patrick answered, " Turn to the Lord and trust  for with Him their is abundance."  At that moment a herd of wild pigs rushed in front of them!  They had food everyday and gave thanks to God.

One night Satan attacked Patrick and he called out to Elijah.  When the sun rose, God's power flooded Patrick and delivered him.

Whilst we were working at home Pip and Dave made a trip to our local play park, where she...

... swung.

 Went round and round.

Contemplated escaping but thought better of it since Dad was watching!

After lunch I attended my first one to one Pilates session.  I am able to hold the moves correctly but am totally inflexible all along my spine... I knew I should have continued with those gym lessons when I was a kid!  There is however hope for me yet, so I've come home with a set of exercises and a promise to my instructor to spend the required 15 minutes each day doing something for me and my health.

Once home it was changeover time and Benedict and Pip went for a play date with Ollie and Bela.  Since my back was even more sore as a result of stretching, I made myself a hot drink and put my feet up for an hour, before making tea.  Friday is a fish day and a regular family fall back meal is kedgeree made with wholegrain brown rice, onion, tuna, hard boiled egg and mayo.  Gluten free crackers were on the side:

Pip enjoying her tea, photograph courtesy of her very talented Daddy!

Tomorrow, I'm off to my once a month respite session called "Make and Cake".  I will be taking along my current project on the needles which is  another pair of wool socks and will enjoy a gluten free afternoon tea.

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