Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Productive Week

For the first time in ages we completed all our items on the home school check list, hooray!!  Benedict worked on daily math and literacy problems as well as spelling, reading and Viking work.

 Seven times table art work.

He worked hard at Shein's on Wednesday and remained on task for an hour and a half.  On Friday he had fun at Simon and Amy's and came up with this magnetic game:

Space Race Game.

As a result of reading this blog:

I treated myself to a trip into town yesterday and visited the thrift shops.  I was duly rewarded with three skirts, three tops, two necklaces, one scarf and a new bag, all for just over £30.  I can't see me committing to a year in skirts, cos I do love my trousers but I think a change now and then from the usual is just what I need right now.

The weather is back to being truly autumnal, last week's heat wave was most unsettling.  Despite the weather the kids have visited the skate park twice and we were treated to American pancakes for breakfast on Wednesday courtesy of Sara.

Dave is hoping  to take Benedict and Pip to the Furness Model Railway Exhibition tomorrow and I get to have a day at home!  The loft is beckoning... clothes gifted to Pip need sorting, paperwork needs clearing and who knows I might even manage some sewing time!

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