Wednesday, 28 April 2010

We've Been...

... digging for dinosaurs, creating with Lego, reading, reading and more reading, cuisinairing, mask colouring, planting and watering and asking many questions too numerous to list and some for which I did not have the answer!  Daddy is a fount of knowledge so we always defer to him otherwise Yahoo makes a reasonable alternative!  Here are some pics from the past week:

Pip has two main areas of "learning" at the moment.  First up his her speech, she babbles loads and attempts to make words, mama, dada, rara (for sara), bir (bird), boo bear  and she loves singing the first bit of row, row the boat.  The second area is her physical development, not only can she  climb onto the window bottom, fire guard and play kitchen, she has now worked out how to get onto the dining room chairs.  Hmm, so all the stuff we normally pile into the the middle of the table will now have to find a permanent home elsewhere.  I'm seriously considering letting her loose in the garden all day and she can attempt to climb the trees instead of the furniture!  I thought our Sara was fearless but Pip wins the gold cup hands down!  Still, you cannot be cross with her, especially when she usually looks like this:

Oh to be a toddler, what fun! 


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