Thursday, 22 April 2010

Enjoying the sunshine

Benedict's blood sugars are still unstable and this affects his concentration greatly.  Despite having ridiculously high readings throughout this morning he did manage to finish his reading book, worked on his two times table and ordering of numbers in multiple of two's, enjoyed drawing a beautiful firework picture and played a game of Monopoly with Dad. 

 It was good for the two of them to be together and work undisturbed!  Peace and quiet reigned as I took Pip to toddlers.  It was absolutely chaotic with toys, toddlers and parents; Pip thoroughly enjoyed herself and was not the least bit phased with all the noise.  The best part was the singing session at the end, loads of percussion instruments for the little ones and to accompany the singing was a guitar, keyboard and violin.  It was lovely for me too, as I met with mums I had not seen in ages, now we are no longer involved with the school run.

We are at Home Ed Group tomorrow and cheese making is on the menu, so hopefully there will be a picture post next time.

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