Friday, 30 April 2010

Home Ed Group

Yesterday we joined in with our local group that meets on a fortnightly basis.  The lass who runs the group is very organised and usually sends out a mailing listing proposed activities, yesterday's itinerary included:  decorating a bottle/jam jar to make a vase, planting seeds, a recorder lesson and learning circus skills.  Benedict decorated his bottle with the Moomin characters and Pip planted Livingstone Daisies as well as attempting to eat the soil!  It was Benedict's first attempt at learning the recorder and he did well, it's just up to me now to encourage him to practise before the next meeting.  He also had a go with a Diablo, it was a shame Sara was not with us as she could have taught some tricks to the kids.  The rest of the time was spent charging around the adjoining field playing frisbee and kicking a ball around.

After lunch Benedict planted seeds with Dad in the greenhouse and then visited his old school to borrow more books from their reading scheme.  Whilst he was out Sara sat with Pip at the table and the two of them had fun making swirls on the paper.  Tea time was soon upon us and Benedict helped chop the tomatoes waiting to be fried and Pip as ever was to be found on my back!

Benedict's photo of his efforts.

This morning we worked on subtraction skills using the Cuisinaire Rods, counted in two's and worked on the two times table - Benedict is still having difficulty remembering the answers for the tables but I know that at some point it will click.  This is what happened with his reading and now he is a voracious reader!  After this Benedict followed the guidance in the Usborne I Can Draw Series and drew a beautiful reindeer to add to his collection of a monkey and a bee.  He has also read several books of his own choosing including The Tale of Mrs Tittlemouse by Beatrix Potter.  As I write he is now resting in bed as I'm sure he is brewing an infection, again!

Edited To Add:  A phone call from the GP this afternnoon confirmed my suspicions, another kidney infection is brewing, so another course of anti-biotics, the second set this month.  Benedict as usual is very matter of fact about the whole thing, good job too, I suppose!

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