Sunday, 4 April 2010

Been A While

We've been on an Easter break in these parts and have slowed down with formal learning and instead got on with daily living.  The house was desperate for a major clean and the downstairs rooms were finally tackled once the hallway had been stripped of wallpaper(thanks Dad, you're a STAR) and then replastered.

We've kept up with the local Home Ed groups and they are proving to be a source of encouragement and friendship.  At the last meet Benedict and the other children made chocolate Easter nests and dyed and decorated hard boiled eggs.  We've also visited Grandparents and Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan, as promised Aunty Mo made leek and potato soup, baked spuds and salad and Benedict's all time favourite jelly and ice cream!

Here are some pics of the past two weeks:

Steady progress on the Anderson Shelter Model and Garden.

Aunty Maureen and Uncle Bryan.

Miss Philippa J looking very grown up with bunches!

A Happy Chap with his Jelly and Ice Cream!


Starting to paint our Solar System mobile, which includes Pluto which is no longer classified as a planet!  Still that little guy is needed to balance out the other planets, so we'll have to fudge round that one, ahem!!

Dry felting with wool.


Helping Grandad N strip the walls and tidy the mess away.

Helping your baby sister build with the stacking cups.

Waiting in excitement to knock the tower down!


Having the patience to rebuild again and again and again!!

Thank goodness for digital cameras...  capturing the minutiae of everyday life and providing a  long lasting store of memories.  

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