Friday, 16 April 2010

The Big Garden Tidy Up!

Following on from the previous post, I decided to take the bull by the horns and tackle the garden!  With hindsight I ought to have taken a before shot but instead a narrative will do!  The borders were dug over, weeds pulled, lawn mowed and  edged, seeds and bulbs planted, garden shed organised and swept and wood debris burned!  Sara in all fairness did come out part way through and helped me shift the bags of seed potatoes and she assumed responsibility of building and tending the mini bonfire.

Chocolate stuffed bananas on the camp fire!


Benedict and Sara enjoying the fruits of their labours!

Since these pictures were taken more seeds have been planted in the indoor mini greenhouse, a trio of pinks have been placed in front of one of the apple trees, cyclamen bulbs scattered under the corden of apple/pear trees and the onion sets are nestled nicely in one of the raised beds.  Apart from continuous planting, the decking needs painting as does the wooden outdoor furniture, so we have a rolling programme of garden work to occupy us all throughout  the Summer!

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